Some of the Best States to Explore

Looking to explore? Check out these beautiful states!

Lake Anne - Snoqualmie Wilderness, WA - Sept 2017 - Aarn Natural Balance Backpack

Greetings to the most adventurous hikers and explorers in the United States, and welcome back to the Light Hiking Gear blog! As a lightweight daypack manufacturer who has roots down under in New Zealand, we sure know the meaning of a hike. For us and our customers, no trek is too far and no mountain is too high. Luckily, because our comfortable backpacks are designed for such activities, we’re able to explore the most beautiful of places, regardless of the journey.

While New Zealand will always have a soft spot in our hearts—it’s an immaculate island—we’ve been opening our hearts to the magnificence that the United States is. For a country that boasts brilliant coastlines, diverse mountain ranges, rolling dunes, and anything else you could imagine, it’s difficult to say the the United States is boring. Today, Light Hiking Gear is going to talk about some of our favorite states to hike in and a few reasons why.


Perhaps it’s the rolling green Appalachians that evolve into a fiery state of red and orange come autumn. Maybe it’s the rocky coastlines with smoky waves that crash into the coastline under a misty sky. Or, maybe it’s neither. Maybe it’s the deep lakes surrounded by lush forests. All of these features are what makes Maine, Maine. This New England haven is a staple for hikers and campers from all over the globe. Not only is it a quintessential outdoor paradise, but it’s also just oh-so-unique. As a company that sells some of the best hiking packs in the United States, would we really steer you wrong?


Nobody really thinks of Utah when they think beautiful, but here it stands on our list. This hot state located in the western region of the United States is a diverse land of deserts, mountains, and dunes. If it’s winter and you’re looking for your next snowy region to ski or snowshoe, hop over to Salt Lake City. If you’re in the mood for some desert landscape, head down to Moab or Lake Powell. Oh, and don’t forget one of our lightweight daypacks, which have ski and trekking pole attachments to make the trip easier.


After sipping on some Jack Daniel's down in Nashville, get your hiking boots ready and head on over to the Great Smoky Mountains for some of the greatest views in the East. Tennessee is an underrated state that boast miles of forests and peaks and Light Hiking Gear loves hiking there. However, we recommend that you be wary of bugs such as ticks and mosquitos, as there are plenty in this southern state.


Did you really think we’d miss Colorado? The state in the contiguous United States that has over fifty mountains that tower over fourteen-thousand feet high? Of course not. Colorado is the state where you go from dunes, to snow capped mountains, to red canyons in a matter of minutes. Light Hiking Gear loves Colorado for all that it has to offer, and we’re sure that we could continue to explore this palatial state for decades without getting bored. Please, do yourself a favor and go see Colorado. Oh, and don’t forget one of our lightweight daypacks so that you could hike the fourteeners in comfort!


Sure, California has it’s downs, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Let’s just start in San Diego with its cerulean beaches surrounded by huge mountains. Then, move a few hours north and you end up in the famous Joshua Park National Park, one of the most gorgeous desert landscapes in the world; and it only get’s better. California really is the land of milk and honey. Between the mountains, the deserts, the cliffs, the coastlines, and the beaches, California is far past incredible. This state is a world on it’s own and Light Hiking Gear urges you to take your time and explore this incredible place.

While these are far from the only states in the United States that are beautiful —they truly all are in some shape or form — we just especially appreciate these few states for their overall magnificence, and we think you’d agree. Before you go on any hike, trek, or backpacking adventure, be sure to shop Light Hiking Gear’s collection of lightweight daypacks and comfortable backpacks!


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