Choosing only ultralight backpacking gear and lightweight daypacks for the conditions increases enjoyment by reducing effort and strain. Even more critical in reducing energy consumption than having a lightweight backpack for travel and hiking is to eliminating the leverages of an offset load on your back. You can do this by distributing the weight evenly around your center of gravity with an Aarn Bodypack. Now with a balanced load, reducing the weight of the gear you carry in your lightweight daypacks and backpacks gives the biggest rewards.

Our design focus is reducing pack weights without compromising durability & load carrying performance. Our Stronglite models weigh less than a twelfth of the load they are designed to carry comfortably. Models that easily handle 20 kg weigh no more than 1.7 kg. These will quickly becoming your go-to ultra light backpacking gear no matter where you are headed.

Our Ultralite models take this process to the limits of extended durability at a reasonable price by using lighter materials and minimalist design. By using internal dividers on the largest models, simpler and lighter frame systems can maintain our superb back shape. Our Ultralite models achieve weight to volume ratios of up to 1 kg/ 45L. It's a favorite lightweight backpack for travel and hiking.

If you have already invested in an expensive lightweight cuben backpack, you can still derive benefits from a more naturally balanced load by adding our Universal Balance Bags (cuben or standard).

Sports science findings suggest that adding the Balance Bags will reduce the energy to carry a load once total load of an alternative brand pack and Aarn Balance Bags is above a threshold of only 4-4.5 kg! (depending on how deep the side profile of the pack is). As the load increases above this, the energy savings of your newly created bodypack vs your standard pack will further increase. Additional benefits are the instant access to everything you need during the day without stopping and taking the lightweight daypack off, the greatly improved balance, the more upright posture and the extra capacity

Note The energy savings will not match that of a complete Aarn Bodypack, because other brands of pack have not optimised their frame and bag designs for the slimmest side profile and full body movement (research shows both factors are needed for minimum effort load-carrying).


  1. If the Aarn Bodypack and the backpack are the same weight, the Bodypack will always require significantly less energy to carry.
  1. If two backpacks are the same weight and you add Balance Pockets or Balance Bags to one, then theone with the Balance Pockets or Bags will use less energy if the total load (including the pack) is only over 3.5 kg! With heavier loads, this energy reduction is magnified.
  1. Imagine a pack that is 1 kg lighter than our large Ultralite models because it does not have Balance Pockets, Flow systems or waterproof liners, and may not have such an effective frame or hipbelt. Only when carrying very low weights do you have an energy advantage with the 1 kg lighter backpack. With a total load of 7kg or more (including pack weight) the energy savings of our Bodypacks win out, increasing further with heavier loads. (Source: Professor Ray Lloyd). Below 7kg total load, you still get the benefits of better balance, instant gear access and no pull back force on the shoulders with your Aarn Bodypack.
  1. When comparing the weight of other backpacks to Aarn Bodypacks, be sure to compare like with like. Waterproof liners come standard with most of our models, so add these to a competitors product for a true comparison.


The research shows that reducing the weight alone will not achieve the maximum efficiency load carrying. Minimum weight must be combined with a naturally balanced load and Flow systems in the pack to achieve the greatest distance with the least effort and strain.


Using one of our lightweight backpacks for travel or hiking is the first step in reducing effort, but the pack is only part of the load you carry. In order to achieve really light loads, each essential item needs to be chosen for the highest performance /weight ratio. Start with footwear because 1 pound on the foot equals 6.4 on the back. Buy the lightest gear for the terrain and climate you frequent. Ultralight kit for a week's trip can be well over 5 kg lighter than standard equipment. This makes a huge difference to your comfort, enjoyment and safety. Travel farther and more easily by traveling lighter