Model suggestions based on trip length and activity

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High performance, waterproof, fully featured zip-opening daypack, with hydration pocket.

30 liter capacity

We recommend attaching front Sport Balance Pockets

Weight: 3.1 lbs with dry liner inserted

Liquid Agility

Daylite Family


Which of our day packs, backpacks or bodypacks are right for you? This guide will help you choose the right travel day bag or lightweight waterproof backpack for your overnight camping trip.

Our pack model range is divided into different families, based on the primary use. The families:


Our highly versatile travel day bags will carry all your needs for one day’s activities. Whether an urban excursion, cycling adventure, walking in the country, or a hiking, skiing and climbing adventure, our Daylite Packs are perfectly suited for your needs. Balance Pockets and Bags can be added to increase capacity, optimize gear access and minimize effort and strain. Superb balance is the delightful bonus!


These models, from daypack to expedition size, are optimized for fast and light adventures in the wilderness. Balance pockets are standard equipment on these models so the volumes specified include them. Find the day pack or backpack that's the right size for your needs.


Use these models for all overnight back country and climbing adventures. Balance Pockets or Bags should be added to achieve the most outstanding benefits over conventional packs. The volume of the Pockets you choose should be added to the pack volume to determine the total capacity. This is the lightweight waterproof backpack that will see you through every trail!


Because they have a long range of back length adjustments, The Daylites and Ultralites (day to mid-volume packs) i.e. Marathon & Mountain Magic, Flow-Mo Friend, Liquid Agility and Mobile Intention have one back length. These models also have sewn in hipbelts in one size to fit all body sizes.

All larger models of Ultralites and all the Stronglites come in two back lengths, Short and Long. To determine which size is best, you need to determine your back length: Measure the distance from the top of your hip bones to the mid- point of your shoulder (where the shoulder strap goes over the shoulder) to determine your back length.

For accuracy, stand with your back against a wall with a hard covered book and pencil in hand. Place the book vertically against your side with the bottom edge of the book resting on top of your hipbone and the back edge against the wall. Mark the height of the lower edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of the top of your hips.

Now place the book vertically by the side of your head, with the back edge resting against the wall and the bottom edge resting on the mid-point of one shoulder (half way between your neck and the end of your shoulder - this is where the center of the shoulder straps should lie). Mark the height of the bottom edge of the book on the wall. This is the height of your shoulders.
Now measure the difference in height between the 2 marks on the wall - this is your back length.

  • If your back length is less than 15” (38 cm), choose the short: S
  • If your back length is greater than 15” (38 cm), choose the long: L

WHAT IS MY HIPBELT SIZE, Small, Medium or Large?

Our large models with Pelvic-Form Hipbelts come in 3 hipbelt sizes. The medium size, M is standard. To decide whether this will fit, use a tape measure to determine your waist size, as the top of the hip belt goes around your waist.

If this distance is less than 33.5” (85cm) choose the S size, if it is greater than 37.5 ” (95 cm), choose the L size.


The volume of pack needed for a certain length of trip varies considerably between individuals. Gear choice, season and terrain are also determining factors. To know what model we recommend, we need to know:

  1. Whether you need a long or a short back length
  2. The maximum volume you need (in liters)
  3. The type of activities you do, e.g. Hiking/ tramping, mountaineering, running, biking, etc.
  4. The terrain: e.g. Rough, bush wacking, etc. (you need a Stronglite); tracks and open country (an Ultralite is good).

Packing your gear in a pack of known volume is a good way to determine your volume requirements. Know that our Ultralite family includes the Balance Pockets as standard; therefore the specified volume is with the Balance Pockets. With the Stronglites the volume specified is only for the pack itself, so the addition of Balance Pockets will increase the total volume, accordingly.

Also consider the longest trip you will do with the pack and the gear required. This determines the volume of pack needed. Determine how you will most often use the pack, and choose the most appropriate family for those needs.

If the most appropriate family for your needs is a Daylite, Stronglite or Travelite you will need to add the volume of your preferred Balance Pockets or Balance Bags to the volume of your pack to get the volume to match your requirements.

If your appropriate family is the Ultralites, the volumes quoted include the balance pockets which are standard equipment in this family.

NOTE: We strongly recommend using Balance Pockets or Balance Bags in all situations. The reduced energy use and body pain compared to carrying all your load behind in a backpack cannot be emphasized enough! The instant gear access of the pockets also increases efficiency, as you do not have to stop and remove the pack to access items needed during the day. Specific purpose Balance Pockets, Bags and clip-on accessories allow you to customize your pack for varied activities.

An extremely light daypack for short treks, cycling, running, walking.

12 liter capacity

Hydro Light

Daylight Family

Aarn Hydro Light 12 backpack

Lightweight (2 lb 3 oz) hydration daypack for cycling, running, walking, hiking, camping.

20 liter capacity

Ventilated, suspended-mesh backpack, keeps you cooler and drier when backpacking in hot or humid weather.

Little Llama 20

Daylite Family

Aarn Little Llama 20 backpack

Ventilated, suspended-mesh backpack, keeps you cooler and drier when backpacking in hot or humid weather.

28 liter capacity

Back Favour 28

Aarn Back Favour backpack
  • Waterproof, 1 lid pocket, 3 outside stretch pockets, and a closed cell foam sit mat.
  • Web front compression with loop lock holders holds vertical tools and web-loc side compression with hyperlon reinforcement holds ski attachments.
  • We recommend attaching either front Sport or Expedition Balance Pockets
  • Two sizes: 30 & 33 Liters
  • 2.8 - 4.03 lbs
  • Natural Exhilaration

    Daylite Family

    1-3 DAY PACKS

    Includes front Balance Pockets

    100% waterproof, 5 external Attachments for ice axe and trekking poles

    40 Liters + 12 L in front Balance Pockets

    3.13 Lbs

    Mountain Magic

    Ultralite Family

    Single compartment with top lid and

    waterproof Dri-liner; hydration pocket, 1 front and 2 side stretch pockets.

    We recommend attaching either front Sport or Expedition Balance Pockets.

    2 sizes: 42 & 50 Liters; 3.3 & 3.68 Lbs

    Peak Aspiration

    Stronglite Family

    3-5 DAYS PACKS

    Ultralight Bodypack for those embracing the light = fast philosophy, with the volume to carry a week's ultralight gear

    100% waterproof; We recommend attaching either front Sport or Expedition Balance Pockets.

    Two sizes: 50 & 57 Liters, plus 12 liters in the front Balance Pockets

    2.87 - 4.18 lbs

    Featherlite Freedom

    Ultralite Family

    Includes dry liners. Ideal for climbers. Stow or remove tools without taking the pack off. The Rope Door located in the upper rear section allows you to put in or roll out rope as needed. It doubles as a hydration port. The Tool Quivers on the sides are great for attaching skiing equipment or for accessibility to ice tools, snow stakes, avalanche probes, trekking poles, and compact tripods.

    We recommend attaching front Expedition Balance Pockets.

    Two sizes: 57 & 65 LIters

    3.86 - 4.37 lbs.

    Guiding Light

    Stronglite Family

    6 DAYS + PACKS

    Waterproof Dri-liners and Cord-loc compression.

    We recommend attaching front Expedition Balance Pockets.

    Attachments for ice axes, trekking poles, caritools, and ice clippers.

    Two sizes: 59 & 67 Liters, plus 15 L in the front Balance Bags.

    3.11 - 4.37 Lbs

    Natural Balance

    Ultralite Family

    Multi-use, twin compartment, streamlined hiking and climbing pack will easily hold a week's gear; designed to transfer heavy loads to the hips very comfortably while maintaining free hip and shoulder movement.

    We recommend attaching front Expedition Balance Pockets.

    Lid pockets /hydration compatible

    Two sizes: 66 & 72 Liters

    3.9 - 4.34 Lbs

    Effortless Rhythm

    Stronglite Family

    Our largest multi-use pack is built to carry big loads on expeditions and longer trips; the best of our large packs for extreme explorers & hunters; keeps gear completely dry during deep river crossings and swims.

    We recommend attaching front Expedition Balance Pockets.

    Two sizes: 70 & 77 Liters

    3.97 - 4.37 Lbs

    Load Limo

    Stronglite Family