What is a "Balance Pack"?


Why Choose Aarn Packs?

If you want to reduce the stress and strain of load carrying, use an Aarn pack. Your Aarn pack is light weight and properly balanced. It fits the way it’s supposed to. It doesn’t hurt.

Now, if you’re into all the physics of how Aarn packs reduce your discomfort, explore our naturally balanced, body friendly and science pages. But, more important, read the testimonials from folks who have actually stuffed huge amounts of weight into their Aarn packs and trekked for hours in all kinds of terrain and weather, and ended the day free of the agony that they experienced with other packs.

If you need help making up your mind which Aarn pack is right for your outdoor adventures, read the Which Model? page. Then, if you’re still undecided, or are just in a hurry and can’t be bothered with all the reading, give me a call: 801-971-0007.

Look, getting the best backpack and accessories isn’t cheap, so let’s make sure you’re getting the most appropriate stuff for your bucks, eliminating buyer’s remorse, while also reducing the stress and strain on your back and shoulders. Again, it’s supposed to be fun!

Aarn Balance Packs and balance bags eliminate the extra leverages on the body due to the offset load. From our small hiking daypack to our expedition bags, Aarn bags are built for balance and comfort.

Designed For Comfort

Aarn Design is here to create equipment that works in harmony with your body,
deepening the intimate connections between body, spirit and nature.


        This graph compares the number of subjects in the study who had a preference in terms of comfort and fit for either a Balance Pack, a backpack, or no preference.

        *Fit is a measure of how closely the harness matches your body shape.

        *Comfort measures a combination of the fit, the amount of forward lean produced by the pack, and the ease of movement.

        There is a striking preference for the Balance Pack over the backpack for both comfort and fit. That's why more people are choosing our lightweight daypacks and Balance Packs for their adventures.


        Backpack = Stooped Balance Pack = Upright

        Aarn Balance Packs eliminate the extra leverages on the body due to the offset load.


        Based on Biomechanics Aarn Balance Packs eliminate the extra leverages on the body due to the offset load. You'll love how our lightweight daypacks and backpacks work with balance bags to balance your load.