2 Easy Camping Recipes for Cooking on the Go

Hiking is an adventure on its own. It gives you inspiration in many ways. From navigating and trying your best to stay together in groups to succeeding in your hiking expeditions, several other things make the journey unique and memorable. One of these elements involves cooking camping food and the joy that comes with it.

Camping is hard work, and the one thing everyone looks forward to, after a long hard day, is some delicious camping food. You don’t have to put up with frozen meals or regular instant ramen noodles when you can make these quick, simple camping recipes for cooking on the go.

Scrambled Eggs with Sausages

One of the most straightforward recipes to make, this recipe is the breakfast of champions. It doesn’t just supply your body with protein but also gives you instant energy for your hiking expedition.

You will only need three ingredients with this recipe – eggs, milk, and sausages. Beat the eggs and add some milk to it in a ratio of three is to one. Adding milk to it will give them instant fluffiness. You can also garnish the eggs with whatever spices you have, such as oregano, parsley, herbs, and any other spices, to give it that delicious taste. Next, place a pan under the fire and let the butter melt. Add the mixture to the saucepan and let the eggs break away once cooked. Continue stirring the eggs and take them off the heat. Serve them with sausages and enjoy your scrambled eggs.

French Toast

A delicious hybrid of a dessert and breakfast, French toast is a recipe that is everyone’s favorite. This recipe is straightforward and requires bread, sugar, milk, and eggs.

Start by cutting the bread into slices. Beat the eggs into a mixture and add some sugar, milk, and whatever ingredients such as cinnamon, honey, vanilla, and whatever flavor you have. Heat some butter over the pan to allow it to spread evenly. Dip the bread slices into the mixture, wipe the excess off, and place it in the pan. Flip one side when it seems cooked. Once both sides are cooked, take them off the pan and sprinkle with maple syrup to enjoy some delicious French toast.

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