3 Awesome Hiking Trails to Put on Your List

Most of us have been excitedly awaiting our long, overdue, and much needed summer vacation. When it comes to planning a trip, it can be hard to decide where to go, especially when you have to keep in mind the post-pandemic requirements of traveling, including social distancing, wearing a mask, and following other SOP’s.

One vacation plan that seems to be gaining popularity is hiking. Hiking is an activity that allows you to experience all that nature has to offer and has many other benefits, such as keeping fit and providing wellbeing. Here are some hiking trails you need to have on your list:

Lost Coast Trail in California

The name may strike you as unusual. After all, why is the so-called trail called lost? The area became depopulated in the early 1900s, and attempts to build roads or other infrastructure have failed. Situated in Northern California, the Lost Coast Trail leads to the Black Sands Beach.

Hikers traveling through this trail should be prepared to experience a journey that consists of forests and other scenic attractions.

Tonto Trail in Arizona

If you’re looking to explore Arizona’s Grand Canyon from inside, hiking along the Tonto trail is the best way to do it. The hike isn’t as easy as the usual rim-to-river hike and follows a steep slope and circles around multiple drainages. You’ll see several sites along your treks, such as Boulder Creek, Cremation Creek, and numerous springs.

Hikers should keep in mind that they should avoid consuming any water directly from the springs and only have it after it’s treated.

Ocean Path Trail in Maine

You must have heard of the famous Acadia National Park in Maine, but your trip would be incomplete without going for a hike on the Ocean Path Trail. You can start the hike from Sand Beach until the hike finishes at Otter Point.

The Ocean Path Trail is a relatively flat slope and perfect for those looking to avoid a strenuous hike. Although there are several rock formations along the way, the hike leads to a beautiful scenic view where hikers can rest on the rocks and enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean from the Otter Cliff.

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