4 Snacks to Keep For An Energy Boost on Your Hiking Trip

Hiking is one of the most exhilarating experiences anyone can ever have. It’s an incredibly fun activity that pushes you mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s a great opportunity for people who want to explore the great outdoors while learning more about themselves.

Even the easiest hikes can be incredibly physically challenging and demanding, however. It’s important that you fuel yourself accordingly, preparing snacks to keep with you in your most comfortable daypack.

You need foods that won’t make you feel sick or lethargic, and instead will give you that boost of energy that gets you across the finish line—or the end of you trail anyway. Some of our favorite picks include snacks that are easy to pack and make at home, tend to be vegan-friendly, child-friendly, nutritious and delicious.

1. Peanut butter and bananas

Peanut butter and bananas

Peanut butter is a protein-packed natural butter that you can easily whip up at home, if you’d rather not indulge in store-bought alternatives. You only need peanuts and a food processor for the most basic, healthy and additive-free version, making for a healthy, guilt-free snack. Pair it with bananas and you have a popular winning combination of foods that are excellent for your health. You can try something more structured like this, or keep bananas and the PB separate so you’re able to keep both items fresh.

2. Trail mix and/or granola

Trail mix gets its name from—you guessed it—it’s popularity with hikers out on the trail. It’s a combination of nuts, dry fruit, granola, and additional ingredients like chocolate. There are dozens of options for this snack in the market, but you can easily buy and mix your favorites for a killer custom combo.

Pick nuts and seeds that you might separately eat and put in some dry granola mix for another incredibly nutritious, energy-boosting snack. Roast the oats and nuts for a crispy snack that you can munch on or mix with yogurt or milk.

3. Energy bars

These also come in handy for that immediate boost that you require while you’re traveling. Even if you don’t have time or space to sit down and enjoy a quick snack, you can always devour these as you move along, and reap the benefits. If you’d rather avoid the sugar and preservatives from packed versions, make your own energy balls and bars!

4. Dry and fresh fruits

Dry and fresh fruits are always a great idea, packed with nutrition, fiber and great for hydration during your trip. You can pack fruits like apples, bananas, oranges that won’t go bad or turn gooey as easily, retaining their taste, shape and form for longer. Dried apricots, cherries, raisins are all easily available and delicious!

Remember to hydrate and keep enough water, and an emergency portable filter in case you can’t find drinkable water. All this can easily be stored in our balance pocket bags and other ultralight hiking gear.


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