5 Must-Know Backpacking Safety Tips For Solo Hikers

While most people believe the best time to go hiking is during spring or summer season, hiking in the winter season has its own benefits.

You find that the trails are less populated and this allows you to be able to enjoy the scenery a lot more. If you have a knack for photography, you have more liberty to capture the landscape and take pictures without tourists.

You can stay comfortable in your winter layers without your clothes sticking to you like they during hot and humid weather. It’s also a great time to take a solo trip if you’ve always wanted one. Travelling alone can open a whole new world for you. You step outside of your comfort zone; learn to face challenges on your own and really get to know yourself well.

However, the key to having fun in all your adventures is to value safety first. Here are tips to help you stay safe when hiking alone!

Inform friends and family where you’re heading

Let someone close to you, like friends, roommates or family members know where you will be.

If you haven’t planned the trek out completely, give them a rough idea of your starting point and the general direction you want to take. Let them know when you expect to return as well.

Pick a popular trail

popular trail

Your first solo hike can be on the well-marked trail, especially if you’re backpacking for the first time. This will eliminate the chances of you getting lost. Make sure you take pictures of the trail for when you want to retrace steps.

Know what limit you’re willing to go

While challenging yourself is important, you should know that self-discovery will begin when you set a limit for yourself. You should know what length you are willing to go to but understand that you should over exert yourself.

Preparation is key

Pack your essentials and make sure you test your gear out as well. You should have enough supplies and an emergency stock for the duration of your trip. Keep a first aid kid and plenty of snacks that will keep you energized. Make sure you’re mentally prepared as well.

Trust your instincts

Spending time in nature will give you plenty of breathing and thinking space. That means you’re probably more in tune with your feelings and intuition. Be open to listening to your body and your sixth sense. This will help you minimize risks for yourself and also strengthen your ability to trust your judgment.

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