StrongLite Packs

StrongLite Packs: Durable, Multifunctional &Waterproof Backpacks for Long Hikes

Long hiking trips means carrying a heavy load on your back for long stretches of time. Without a backpack that was especially designed for hiking, you risk injuring your back, shoulders and knees.

After years of research, Aarn developed a line of StrongLite packs that were made especially for long hikes. Our StrongLites transfer weight to your hips so you can move around freely on the trail without injuring yourself. These dynamic daypacks are suitable for men and women of all sizes and ages. No matter how simple or challenging the trail is, you can count on our StrongLite packs to give you the support you need to keep going.

The Load Limo is our largest StrongLite. Its sophisticated design lets you lift heavy loads without straining your shoulders and back. It’s just what you need for long expeditions.

Peak Aspiration is the go-to StrongLite for outdoor enthusiasts who love the thrill of challenging trails. They offer an array of useful features the come in handy when hiking, skiing and climbing.

Check out our collection of StongLites. You may be able to buy a premium backpack for sale. Find the best backpack for you and place your order today!

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