5 Travel Gadgets You Need for Your Next Backpacking Trip

What if your friends asked you to get ready for the next hiking trip? You might immediately get packing; sounds like the perfect opportunity to take out your favorite trolley luggage bag, doesn’t it? Well if you’re heading to Vegas, why not. But that might not the best idea if you’re heading out hiking.

Hiking requires dedicated backpacks that are portable, lightweight, and trendy. However, even the most ergonomically designed backpacks would prove useless if you don’t know what to pack in them.

Here are 5 travel gadgets and accessories you simply can’t miss packing on your next hiking trip:

1. Add First Aid in Your Backpack

Most hiking trips are planned far away from home, so while you might bring necessary gear with you like a water bottle, fire, and light/waterproof matches, flashlight or headlamp, emergency rain protection, whistle (to pass signal), you simply can’t miss out on a well-equipped first aid kit.

In your first aid box, add swelling reducer/painkiller, bandage, sterilized gauze, antibiotic ointment, and medicines and braces to treat pain, bleeding, and sprains.

2. Take Compass & Knife

A trusty compass and map will prove to be your best friends on your hiking trip. You can take a simple compass with you and use it to follow the map accordingly. Also consider taking a sharp knife along; a good knife can help you deploy your camp the right way, gather firewood, cook and even protect yourself.

3. Add Sunscreen & Sunglasses in Your Backpack

You will be exposed to direct sunlight and dangerous UV rays when traveling during the day. By wearing sunglasses and sunscreen, you can protect your eyes and skin from damage.

4. Carry Ready-to-Eat Food Items

While hiking can leave you exhausted, skipping out meals should never be an option. To keep your body healthy, make sure you eat before falling asleep. You can take cereal granola, tuna, fresh bananas, peanut butter packet, or other processed food with you. These types of foods are healthy and high in protein.

5. Keep Toiletries but Smartly

If you’re camping, you will need a good supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

When packing toiletries, use the thumb rule. The toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and soap you keep shouldn’t be bigger than your thumb. The small sized packs can easily fit in your backpack without taking up much space.

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