6 Types of Injuries and Illnesses Hikers Face

Hikers can experience many types of minor or major accidents during their journey. Such incidents and other health issues can take the fun out of an expedition and are best to be avoided. The reason for such mishaps is usually inadequate packing and preparations for the trip. Carrying a lightweight backpack for hiking can help a hiker avoid many of these accidents. Here are a few illnesses and accidents hikers are likely to encounter.

1. Sprains

Ankle and knee sprains are very common to occur among inexperienced hikers. These sprains and strains can affect ligaments or muscles and are often caused due to carrying heavy weight up or down a hill. Comfortable day pack suppliers offer ultralight packs that can help minimize the weight load a hiker carries and reduce the risk of these accidents. Pain killers can be taken to treat pain and discomfort associated with minor sprains.

2. An Upset Stomach

Every hiker should pack for a trip keeping their food sensitivities and gastrointestinal issues in mind. If you are likely to experience an upset stomach during a long journey, pack antacids and other medicine that can help with stomach pain.

3. Allergies

People with pollen allergies and other breathing issues can have an allergic reaction on a hiking trip. You might encounter some poisonous plants or herbs or get stung by a bee in the outdoors too. Bring your allergy medication with you on any long or short journey, and stay away from plants you don’t have enough knowledge of.

4. Chipped Tooth

A falling accident on a hiking trip can hurt your pearly whites and might cause tooth chipping. Find a comfortable hiking backpack for sale online and avoid any such incidents.

5. Blisters

Blisters are common to affect hikers on long journeys, especially during summers. It is important to avoid wearing tight shoes on long hikes and keep your feet dry during the journey to avoid blisters.

6. Frost Snips

If your skin has gotten pale and there’s a tingling sensation, you might have been affected by a frost snip. Packing enough layers for a hiking trip is essential to avoid frostbites and frost snips.

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