Different Kinds of Backpacks for Different Body Types

Outdoor adventures offer various mental and physical benefits for most lovers of nature. These benefits can be further amplified with the help of innovative tools and ultralight hiking gear. The needs of each body type differ when it comes to any activity or adventure. Here are a few physical factors one must consider when shopping for supplies and gear for hiking.

Weight Factor

The ideal way to go about a hiking trip is by packing as light as possible. However, for longer journeys, it can be impossible to pack less than a couple of pounds in supplies, gear, and clothing each. Every expert knows the importance of balancing one’s weight with the weight of their backpack. If your BMI is lower, choose a lightweight backpack for hiking that compliments your weight appropriately. If you weigh more, you are likely able to carry more weight easily. However, in obese individuals, back pain and other health issues are much more common. Considering these complications, they must choose a backpack that has virtually no weight of its own. The use of balance pockets strapped to your chest can also offset the heaviness of the weight on your back. This can help prevent back pain in overweight and obese individuals as well.

Age Factor

Parents need to ensure that their kids do not overpack for their hiking trips and carry a heavy load while hiking. Similarly, hikers above the age of 65 should not try to carry as much weight as younger hikers. Despite the expertise or experience, your body’s needs change with age, and you should not put an excess strain on it for a hiking trip.

Height Factor

Taller individuals have a higher BMI and more physical endurance in general. They can carry more weight than their shorter trip companions with more ease. However, most ultralight packs are designed for people of an average height. These backpacks can put excess strain on a tall hiker’s neck and upper back and cause cervical pain. Taller hikers must choose a backpack with adjustable straps and adjustable back length so it can morph with the dimensions of their body more easily. Light Hiking Gear offers the most comfortable daypack that fits hikers of every height perfectly and can adjust well to every body type, and offer an effortless adventure.


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