9 Dos and Don'ts of Backpacking like a Pro

Oh, the excitement for one's first backpacking adventure hits differently, but in all honesty, you've got a lot of highs and lows you need to look out for. Here are the dos and don'ts of backpacking to make your trip a little less stressful:

1. Don't carry any unwanted items in your travel bag

This trip is far from anything glamorous; think of it as you bring stranded on an island or picture yourself carrying the weight on your shoulders for hours on end. All that you need to pack are the essentials that are sure to help you survive the duration of the trip. Anything that isn't necessary will only add to the weight of the bag, so identify what's needed for the journey and fit them into a sturdy yet comfortable hiking backpack.

2. Don't indulge in too much photography gear

You don't always have to bring along heavy equipment to capture photos of your travel. Instead, you can rely upon a compact, mirrorless camera that's lightweight yet produces crisp images. The most you'll require are some spare batteries and a portable tripod to capture the scenic beauty.

3. Do know the weather updates

We're sure your ideal backpacking trip would include getting stuck in the middle of the woods on a cold, wintery night. Checking the weather updates and predictions of what the weather will be like during the duration of your trip may help you prepare better.

4. Do wear trail running shoes

If you've packed the boots, throw them right out if you don't want to be dealing with painful blisters. Always wear the most lightweight and comfortable pair of trail running shoes you own.

5. Do make use of trekking poles

Trekking poles are lifesavers, especially on unusually long hikes, as they provide the support required to reduce chances of injuries through accidents.

6. Do have a 'water plan'

Water will be scarce on the trip, so the best solution is to strategically budget the amount of water required to carry on without dehydrating yourself. If you're lucky to find freshwater sources around the trail, you can refill your bottle till the next stop.

7. Don't skip breakfast

You've heard this one before but skipping breakfast is particularly bad for backpackers as not having enough nutrition at the start of the day results in failure of performing tasks and keeping up with the schedule.

8. Do hike at your own pace

It's a bad idea to force yourself into reaching the summit faster. Instead, find the pace you're most comfortable with and enjoy your time out in the sun!

9. Do travel responsibly

Lastly, while you're scrolling through the woods, make sure to dispose of all your trash correctly and be mindful of not disrupting the locals amid the trip.

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