Ultralight Packs

Ultralight Backpacking Gear For Less Effort and More Fun

With decades of experience, we understand the needs of different hikers. Ultralight backpackers are looking for unforgettable adventures outdoors.

To be able to enjoy, they require lightweight backpacks that provide enough space for their belongings and don't put excessive pressure on their shoulders and back, like Ultralight hiking backpacks

Aarn's collection of UltraLite hiking gear was designed to fit comfortably around hikers’ bodies without restricting movement and agility, so hikers using our Ultralight line of bodypacks can have all the fun they want without risking injury or worrying about being weighed down, even when carrying heavy loads.

We've invested heavily in creating the perfect backpacks for ultralight hikers. Our UltraLite backpacks can carry 35–59 lbs. They are a perfect fit for seasoned hikers who are taking on long trails.

Our UltraLite hiking packs can be used with our balance bags so the load on your back is spread evenly and you can be as comfortable as possible on the trail. Aarn's UltraLites collection is made out of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that can last for decades.

If you're looking for a backpack that you can rely on for all your trips, then you've got to check out Aarn's Ultralight packs.

Check out our Ultralight backpacking pack collection and place your order. There's no better place to buy award-winning hiking backpacks than Aarn. Take a look at our accessories to make your hiking experience even more comfortable.

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