A Guide to an Instagram Worthy Hiking Trip

Today's younger generation wishes to share their fun adventures with their friends and followers on social media. Especially, social media influencers, with millions of followers, like to showcase their enjoyable lifestyle to the rest of the world. Here are a few ways any adventurer can turn their ordinary hiking trip into an Instagram-worthy experience.

The Region

Choose a beautiful region such as a riverside or a thick rainforest for the aesthetics. This will help you get the pictures that can rake in thousands of likes on Instagram. Pick the part of the day when you can get good lighting for pictures. Always try to take most of the pictures at the beginning of the trip before you get tired and can't look your best.

The Aesthetics

Aside from the background, the backpack, accessories, and clothing in the pictures must also have a significant aesthetic value. Bulky bags can hang off your back, causing back pain and ruining your pictures simultaneously. Light Hiking Gear's best lightweight backpacks do not only offer a functional purpose but are also among the most compact and colorful backpacks a hiker can carry. They cling to your body and shapeshift according to your size. This feature results in much more aesthetic pictures and gives you an effortless look despite the weight you're carrying.


Instagram users like to see authenticity when it comes to content. Dressing up appropriately for your hiking trip. Hiking-specific attire is essential to convey a message of genuineness to your followers. Ultralight hiking pants are an essential staple for every hiker, and wearing these pants can give you the look of the professionals for your Instagram pictures.

Posing for Pictures

Finding the right angles and spots for perfect pictures can sometimes be hard on an outdoor adventure. Many Instagram users have gotten into accidents trying to balance their backpack's weight and posing for pictures in tricky positions. On steeper hikes, it can be impossible to stay stable with a heavy backpack and take pictures simultaneously. When hiking up a mountain, bring ultralight hiking gear and the best lightweight backpack, so you never have to risk your safety for better pictures.

Buy ultralight packs by Light Hiking Gear and have a safe and successful hiking journey that is worth sharing with your Instagram family.


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