A Hiking Guide for Every Climate

Much like every other outdoor activity, hiking is also done differently in different climatic regions. Some regions have a favorable climate for hiking, while others might only be right for expert hikers. The supplies you need, the gear you should carry, and the duration of your trip all need to be adjusted according to the climate of the region you’re hiking in. Here are some challenges you might face when trekking in different weathers and climates and ways to tackle them.

1. Hiking in Cold Regions

Regions like Alaska, where the weather can be extremely cold and harsh, are considered the most difficult for hiking.

Wear insulating layers under a warm jacket, with gloves and a wool hat to a hiking trip in such cold regions. A parka offers the best shield against harsh cold weather, especially when you’re hiking up a snowy mountain. Make sure to bring trekking poles and Light Hiking Gear’s lightweight backpack for hiking, perfectly designed to offer you better mobility.

2. Hiking in a Tropical Region

A region like Hawaii has weather where hiking can be easier. You will need to wear trail shoes paired with hiking shorts and a hat for a hiking trip in a warm region. Tropical areas can get quite dry at certain times of the year, so bring extra water bottles even if you’re making a short trip. If you expect rain while trekking, bring a raincoat and a waterproof backpack to avoid ruining your supplies. Carrying an umbrella might be a smart choice to protect your full gear from the water. Buy an ultralight pack from Light Hiking Gear for your hiking journey, so excess weight doesn’t slow you down on the journey.

3. Hiking in a Humid Weather

The perfect attire for a trip in a humid region includes shorts, hiking sandals, and thin layers of clothing. A necessary hiking supply for this region is a bug-repellant to keep away the flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs that might bother you on the trail. If you’re taking a hike near a body of water, don’t forget to pack your swimwear for a quick dip mid-hike.

Light Hiking Gear offers lightweight backpacking gear ideal for hiking in every climate throughout the country and is the first choice of expert hikers. Go to our online store and explore our product range for hiking supplies and daypacks.


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