A House in a Bag: Packing the Tent into Your Hiking Backpack

How do you carry your tent in a backpack? It's recommended to place your tent at the bottom of the hiking pack to avoid straining your back, but just above the sleeping bag. Before getting started with packing the tent into your hiking bag, you want to ensure that the tent is dry —wet tents not only add to your weight but also puts you at risk of mold or mildew. Here's how to get started:

Disassembling the Tent

After you've laid the tent on a flat, dry surface, you'll want to remove the tent poles into their original packaging. Next, place poles on the bottom of the fabric, well-aligned to roll it back up neatly and squeeze it back into its compression bag. You want to ensure that the tent is tolled tightly to fit back into the backpack without coming undone mid-journey. An unevenly rolled tent is also susceptible to partial damage, so ensure it's well-balanced and firmly seated within the bag before you begin climbing again.

Placing the Tent Inside The Backpack

Keeping in mind the backpack weight distribution concept, you want to begin by putting the sleeping bag into the pack after reducing its size to the t. If your tent feels heavy, you'll want to situate in about the sleeping bag to avoid straining your back, shoulder, or neck due to the heavyweight mid-journey. Distributing the weight of the backpack evenly will ensure your shoulder or hip bones don't crumble under pressure.

The Right Backpack

If you're troubled by the poor quality of your backpack that never allows you to pack to perfection, it's time to upgrade to Light Hiking Gear's premium hiking packs. We have rightfully earned the title of North America's best day pack supplier with internal and external frames that accommodate tents of all sizes. The ultralight hiking gears and comfortable hiking backpacks improve stability, maintain balance and enhance comfort to prevent muscle fatigue. These naturally balanced day bags, body-friendly, and science smart, are strain-free. We've got a wide selection for volume too!


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