All You Need to Know About a Backcountry Trip to Colorado

What’s the best place to plan a backpacking vacation to enjoy winters to a maximum? It’s Colorado hands down.

backpacking in Colorado

While it may be too cold to put up camps in the frigid weather conditions there this time of the year (doesn’t mean you can’t do that if you wanted to), the place does offer cozy retreats in the form of winter huts.

Regardless of which form of shelter you’re more inclined to, you do need to pack your backpacks clothing, food, and a sleeping bag – don’t forget the other essentials you need if you plan to camp outside in the wilderness.

As for everything else, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Book in Advance

Keep in mind that winter attracts swarms of winter sports enthusiasts to Colorado. While you may be there just to enjoy some good old-fashioned winter hiking, most others will be there for skiing and snowboarding. Hence, the campgrounds and the huts usually get booked well in advance and there is nothing left for those with last-minute plans. So, you need to plan and book your space way before the season begins.

Pick a Nearby Location

Pick a campsite/hut that is nearby your preferred trails, or simply hike the trails located near your campsite/hut. It is foolish not to plan ahead on which trails you want to hike. For winters in Colorado, it is best to pick one you’re familiar with. If it’s your first time there, then learn the art of using a compass and a map. Snow covered trials are often difficult to navigate. Also, smartphones may not prove to be that reliable in extreme weather conditions. So, you need to know how to navigate through your trails.

Be Careful with the Water

Well, if you’re thinking, you at least don’t have to worry about the availability of drinking water on a backpacking adventure in Colorado, think again. Yes, there are streams you can pull out water from or even use melted snow for the purpose, but this water may contain harmful bacteria that can cause health problems for you – the last thing you want is to get sick on a holiday. For that, make sure you boil the water before drinking to kill any harmful bacteria in it.

Pack Earplugs

It’ll be cold – freezing cold. You need to keep yourself warm. You’d obviously be packing comfortable warm clothes and shoes to keep you toasty, but the air outside can be chilling and that can prove to be damaging for people with sensitive ears. Also, since you will be sharing the campsite/hut with a lot of people, earplugs can keep the noise out!

Don’t Forget Your Winter Gear

Regardless of which adventure sports you’re into, you can’t truly enjoy it without the right gear. For hiking in Colorado winters, a solid pair of snow shoes can make all the difference when you’re trekking through snow-covered trails. It just makes the ordeal easier!

So, are you ready for the ultimate winter backpacking adventure? Head over to Colorado for holidays this season, or probably the next one in case you’re unable to find bookings for your desired dates.

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