Why Winter Is The Best Time For Hiking

Girl bundled up outdoors in winter - Aarn backpacks

Many hikers think that the first sign of snow is an indication of the end of the hiking season. It’s time to hang up the boots. However, this is not the case!

Yes, you’ll need to add more layers of clothing and your hiking gear will become a little heavier, but it will be worth it!


Why do you trek? Most people will say that the first reason they trek is to capture the beautiful scenery and enjoy the breath-taking views that nature has to offer.

The landscapes are much different in winter—snow covered landscapes, and winter is the only season in which you can experience them. Capturing these scintillating views should definitely be on your bucket-list.

Less crowded

Unlike summer, the trails won’t be crowded, which means this is the best time to enjoy some ‘me time’.

You’ll be free to camp wherever you like, without any disturbance or hassle. You can enjoy the best camping sites which you were never available during the summer.

The trails are also generally bug and animal free during winter; this means you can go anywhere you want and sit anywhere you like, without any fear of getting stung or bitten.

Burn more calories

Cold climate significantly increases your metabolism and as a result burns more calories. A study conducted by University of Albany found that hiking in cold weather burns 34% more calories than temperate climates.

The main reason is that your body burns more calories in order to keep the internal organs warm. Trekking on tough snowy terrain can increase the metabolic rate even further, using up many calories.

Building muscle mass

A study published in the American Journal of Human Biology reported that women gained more muscle mass during outdoor activities in colder climates, while burning fat.

This means women are better prepared for winter trekking as their bodies have more fat reserves and their muscles won’t break down in order to get energy. A good winter trekking trip will leave you with a leaner body and in better shape.

Basking in the Vitamin D

This may seem odd, but winters are a great time to take in the sunlight. Snow is a great light reflector and you will be able to enjoy an abundant supply of vitamin D throughout your journey.

Since you’ll be packing extra for a winter trekking trip, invest in quality gear. Check out our ultra-light packs specifically designed for hikers. Also have a look at our expansive collection of hiking gear accessories.


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