Backpacking For the First Time

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Imagine this. You wake up one day and feel the need to go out and travel the world with nothing but one of our ultralight backpacks that contains all of your essentials. Whether it be a hiking trip over the mountains, a trip wandering through the woods, or a journey trotting around the streets of a foreign country – your backpack is your first and most important companion. If you’re new to backpacking and feel ready to make the leap, here are some ways to backpack the right way.

Pack light

We understand the feeling. You are traveling far from home and you want to bring almost everything you own. However, we advise against this. Only pack those clothes, which will vary in amount and type depending on the weather, location and the duration of your trip. This is important because you would need space for other essentials as well. We sell very comfortable backpacks, but over packing clothes can make your trip more burdensome.

Be practical about spending money

When going on a trip with nothing but you and your backpack, you’ll want to be practical about how you spend your money, just in case. You never know where a situation will take you and you don’t want to end up short on cash in an emergency. You can take as much money as you want, but keep a check on how you spend it.

Choosing how to travel

It is called backpacking for a reason. Don’t miss out on the amazing views and locations by boarding a plane instead of walking and experiencing everything up close. With an Aarn ultralight backpack, these distances aren’t as difficult to foot. For longer distances that you can’t travel by foot, Light Hiking Gear recommends renting a car or travelling by train. You can sit and enjoy scenery you’ve never seen! These trips are always worth it. The experience will stay with you your entire life!

Do not worry about planning everything ahead

Some people are born planners; they worry about their trips and plan everything down to the smallest of details. However, this process doesn’t work as well if you plan on backpacking, as too much planning can disrupt the journey! Decide on a starting point and let the wind take you where you need to go. Follow the rhythm of nature and the scenery!. Having faith in the journey will make the experience much more magical. Make new best friends on the way, sleep on the dewy hills, experience the highs of the mountains and the brushing of the lavenders against you in the field. The cardinal rule of backpacking: Let it be!

Get travel insurance

Insure yourself. You may be traveling in a foreign country, in unknown fields, on mountains, and living with nothing but your Light Hiking Gear ultralight backpack. You never know what can go wrong. Having travel insurance is necessary. There is especially-designed backpackers insurance for those who are looking forward to backpacking trips. They offer policies that safeguard you on such trips. Get that for yourself before going on such trips.

The right gear

This is the most important aspect of any backpacking trip. Having the right backpack is what will get you through this trip. Choose a backpack that is lightweight, waterproof, and padded, so it does not put unnecessary pressure on your back. Our company has some of the world's best lightweight daypacks and hiking packs, so be sure to check them out! Having the right gear is a must.

Aarn Effortless Rhythm backpack worn by Paul


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