5 myths surrounding backpacking

Don't let these myths get in the way of you backpacking

Backpacking is perhaps the most exciting and adventurous trip that you can plan for yourself. With minimal costs and endless adventure, backpacking promises to provide those who dare to try it with an unparalleled experience. Because of how often it is depicted in movies and television shows, backpacking has been host to many myths. Here are 5 of the myths surrounding backpacking which are based on complete falsehood:

You can survive without a good backpack

Imagine going backpacking with a poor backpack which is extremely uncomfortable. Before embarking on the trip it is imperative that you choose the best packs for backpacking. The backpack can suit the adventure you are going on, it can be a pack for climbing or a pack for skiing; whatever the purpose, the backpack has to be top notch. Anyone who suggested that you can have a successful experience with your average backpack is feeding you with myths that will eventually turn out to be false.

Backpacking is only for the young

A very common myth surrounding backpacking is that mostly teenagers or people under 21 years old go for it. Frequent backpackers have pointed that people as old as 60 to 70 years embark on a successful backpacking trip, which goes to suggest that you need to be young at heart, not age. There is no solid reason which suggests that age should hinder you from the perfect backpacking experience. Thus, the assumption that backpacking is for the young is a complete myth. Luckily, this myth couldn’t be more false thanks to Light Hiking Gear’s best hiking bags and trekking bags!

It is Unsafe

The backpacking experience has been haunted with extreme media coverage towards every accident that occurs once in awhile. Hundreds of thousands of people set out on a backpacking trip every year, out of which, only a handful suffer from freak accidents, which are extensively reported on the media. The location that you go to needs to be evaluated and analyzed before setting off for the trip, so that you have a fun filled experience without any discrepancies.

You need to put on your hiking boots to go backpacking

Hiking boots are no longer the need of the day when it comes to backpacking. Long distance travelers do not wear hiking shoes nowadays; the current trend is to wear running shoes, which are much more comfortable and feasible. The running shoes are not only way lighter on your feet, but they are also easy to dry after the occurrence of a downpour.

Your hygiene is bound to suffer

The most appalling myth about backpacking is that your hygiene is going to suffer. If proper care is given to all cleaning items, then you are bound to come out of the backpacking trip as an even healthier individual. Furthermore, most hostels on the way have proper showers and washing areas, so the threat to your hygiene is just a myth from those who haven’t really been to a backpacking expedition themselves. Also, because of innovative design of our comfortable backpacks, you can pack that extra stick of deodorant without worrying about the extra weight!

So, drop all the myths that you have suffered, grab a lightweight backpack for travel from Light Hiking Gear and set out for the trip of your lifetime.


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