Beyond Girl Scouts: Women’s Guide to Hiking

Ladies, if you’re looking to do something different this weekend, why not try your hand at hiking? Hiking is often touted as nature’s therapy. Immersing yourself in natural beauty and taking in fresh air is very therapeutic and can offer you the break you need from your stressful life.

We’ve developed a women’s guide to hiking to help you prepare for your trip:

Do Some Training

Hiking is a physically strenuous activity and if you’re not someone who exercises regularly then you should take some time training before you head out on your trip.

Depending on where you’re going, hiking will test your physical limits. To prepare yourself for the trails, you need to build stamina and endurance. Start off your training with cardio and then work your way into strength training to loosen up your leg and back muscles.

Remember, the fitter you are, the easier hiking will be.

Plan for your Trip

Hiking is so much more than just walking on a trail; it pushes you physically and mentally, which is why planning your trip is so important.

Research the trail you have chosen. What kind of terrain is it? Does it have natural sources of water? What’s the weather going to be like? These are all questions that are going to help you prepare for your trip.

Plan for your Trip

If there are natural sources of water, you may not need to carry a water reservoir since water treatment tablets are probably a better choice. By checking the weather forecast, you’ll know whether or not it’s safe to go hiking. It will also tell you what sort of clothes are most appropriate for your trip.

Match Hikes with Your Skill Level

Not all hiking trails are built the same; some are straightforward while others are extremely challenging even for the most seasoned hikers.

Whenever you choose a hiking trail, take your skill and fitness level into consideration. If you’re still new to hiking, avoid climbing up a steep mountain with rough terrain and go for flat trails instead.

You’ll become a better hiker with more experience so start off with easy trails and make your way up to the tougher ones.

Invest in a Backpack

Ladies, hiking is no picnic! Packing for hiking isn’t the same as grabbing a cute picnic basket from the store and filling it up with everything you may need. Packing for hiking requires strategy and planning.

You see when you’re on a trail away from the city, you don’t have the luxury to stop by a convenient store to pick up things you may have forgotten – you have to take all the essentials with you.

Before you begin packing, making a checklist of all your essentials. Use as many multifunctional items as possible to help you save space. You’re going to be carrying everything on your back so don’t make your backpack too heavy.

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