Going Solo on the Trails: Tips for Hiking Alone on the Trail

Hiking in a group is fun but hiking by yourself may be a lot more rewarding. Hiking solo gives you plenty of time to reconnect with yourself and de-stress while soaking up beautiful views of nature.

If you’re thinking of going solo on the trails, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Train, train and train!

You don’t want to stop in the middle of the trail because of an avoidable injury. Hiking is a physically intense; it engages every muscle group in the body. Unless you’re muscles are prepared for the intense workout, they will give in.

The last thing you want is have to stop and sit down in the middle of nowhere by yourself simply because you didn’t train hard enough for your solo hike.

Training in advance for you hike will loosen up tight muscles, which you’ll need when you’re walking long distances on uneven terrain. It will also boost stamina and endurance so you can walk for long stretches of time without feeling sore.

2. Always Share Your Itinerary

Even if you’re stepping out for a day hike or you’re going to go solo, it’s best to inform a loved one before you head out. A lot can go wrong when you’re exploring the outdoors all by yourself so be responsible and share your itinerary with someone you trust.

3. Keep Navigational Tools With You

Keep Navigational Tools With You

As convenient as your cellphone may be in your daily life, you can’t always rely on it when you’re in the outdoors. Cellphones have limited battery lives and they’re useless when you’re far away from the city and it says you have ‘no signal’.

Instead of using the map on your phone to help you navigate the trail, keep a physical map and a compass with you at all times.

4. Buy the Right Hiking Gear

When you’re going in a group, you have the freedom to distribute loads amongst everyone so no one person is weighed down by luggage. If the load you’re carrying is make your joints sore, you can always ask for someone else to help.

Getting injured on the trail isn’t so scary when you’re hiking with a big group of friends. You have people to help you in your time of need. However, when you’re hiking solo, getting injured on the trail can instantly ruin your trip; in the worst cases, it can even be dangerous.

If you’re going to hike by yourself, it’s best to be as prepared as possible and this includes getting the right hiking gear.

Hiking backpacks that are made specifically for hiking are designed to minimize pressure on the shoulders, backs and joints so hikers can continue walking without risking injury or unnecessary body pain.

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