Essential Rain Gear for Campers

Camping is a wonderful experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their life. However, bad weather conditions can put a slight damper on things if you aren’t prepared. It can rain anytime, anywhere, even if you checked the weather forecast before planning your camping trip. It’s better to plan for such events instead of getting caught off guard. You don’t want to get into an embarrassing, or worse, dangerous situation.

It’s really risky to camp in the rain without proper equipment. Here’s a checklist of all the items you might need:

Waterproof poncho

Light Hiking Gear’s WaterWizard provides its wearers complete protection from rain, snow, or wind for their bodies and backpacks at the same time. This combination of a pack cover and parka prevents rain from running down your back and seeping into your back from the back. It also keeps your shoulder straps and hip belt protected from the rain so that you won’t have to struggle with damp and cold straps the next day. You can take your bodypack off without having to take the garment off of your body with a little bit of maneuvering and dexterity.

Fire Starter Canister

One of the hardest things to do while it’s raining at a campsite is to cook food and stay warm. This fire starter canister by Quicksurvive is an extremely versatile fire starter that can be used to start more than 50 fires. They successfully light up even when they’re wet and burn for up to 10 minutes at 750 degrees. They work even if frozen since they’re 100% waterproof whether they’re inside or outside of their packet. It’s the perfect emergency fire starter for unsuspecting campers caught in the rain.

Traverse shelter

Not all tents are waterproof, and they need an additional layer of protection that keeps them protected from the wind and rain. Traverse shelters have different attachment points that are integrated with your trekking poles and four aluminum stakes to help you keep it firmly in place. You’ll thank yourself for bringing it along on any trip!

Traverse Shelter

Buy top-notch rain protection gear

Light Hiking Gear is a comfortable day pack supplier that’s committed to providing durable, high-quality backpacks and ultralight hiking gear that’s built to last. We want to allow hikers, campers, and nature lovers to be able to indulge in their favorite activities without having to worry about the elements. From bear-resistant food containers to canister holders, we’ve got every accessory you’ll ever need.

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