Evening Serenity: 5 Breathtaking Sunset Hikes in Southern California

In California and already planning your next adventure post-lockdown? The Golden State is so much more than its beaches and amusement parks.

We suggest you pack your backpack and go on the hikes to see all that California has to offer.

Check out these awesome hikes in South California.

1. Torrey Pines State Reserve

You’re going to love the mesmerizing views and the experience of standing on a vantage point that allows you to see the captivating sunset.

The vivid colors of the sky as the sun settles down are awe-inspiring.

2. Griffith Park in Los Angeles

You think you’ve seen Los Angeles, but you haven’t seen what it looks like from Griffith Park. The park offers unbelievable views of the city.

You can choose a multiple hiking trails and find a high point from where you can see the sunset. You wouldn’t think LA can ever look so quiet until you look at it from Griffith Park.

3. Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ocean Beach, San Diego

San Diego is home to the Sunset Cliffs. Head to Ocean Beach and walk on the trails on Sunset Cliffs to see how they earned their name.

The cliffs are more like a walk than a strenuous hike, however, the end of the trail is just as rewarding. You’ll witness spectacular views that look like something out of nature magazines.

Begin your hike at the Sunset Cliff Boulevard and Adair Street. Slowly make your way through the cliffs to see amazing sights you’re going to remember for a lifetime.

4. Corona Del Mar -- Orange County

It wouldn’t really feel like California if you don’t see the beach right? If you love the views and humbling immensity of the ocean then make your way down to Corona Del Mar in Orange County.

To get the most of your hike, go to Ocean Avenue. We suggest you pack a picnic in your backpack and enjoy it while you sit and wait for the sunset.

5. Forrestal Reserve in Palos Verdes

Don’t like hikes that are physically strenuous? This one’s for you. It’s an easy, pain-free hike that offers magnificent scenery. It’s a short hike (only 2.5 miles long) which only takes a few hours to complete. You can watch the sunset and be on your way back.

Wherever you decide to hike, remember to always take a backpack that carries the weight of your essentials without adding pressure to your back.

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