The Ultimate Hiking Playlist for a Fun and Energetic Experience

People hike for different reasons; when you want to be alone with your thoughts, you may want to do it in silence, but when you’re looking to get a bit of a workout out of it, a fun playlist is a must!

We’ve compiled the ultimate hiking playlist for you to make sure you have an energy-filled hike.

Check it out:

1. I Would Walk 500 Miles – The Proclaimers

There’s no way that this song wasn’t going to make the list. It plays at of every major marathon and Terry Fox Run event for a reason—it’s the perfect way to start a hike/run/marathon.

It sets the mood, it has a great beat for you to pound the ground to, and the words of motivation you need at the beginning of a hike.

There’s no better song to start your hike. It’s even more fun if you can get your friends to sing along!

2. Stairway to Heaven—Led Zeppelin

music you need to get you moving on the trails

If you’re the type who likes to starts slow and speed up later on, then Stairway to Heaven has to be on your hiking list. It starts soft and builds up as the song progresses.

It’s got the music you need to get you moving on the trails.

3. Sweet Child O’ Mine—Guns N Roses

The 80s were packed with songs that can be on your hiking playlist, Sweet Child O’ Mine should definitely be on the list.

The steady beat of the drums and Slash’s excellent guitar skills will surely lift your spirits during a hike.

4. Lovely Day—Bill Withers

Do you hike early in the morning? If yes, then Bill Withers’s Lovely Day is an amazing song to listen to on your morning hike. It’s got all the “feel good” vibes you need to start your day off right.

The soothing vocals and sweet lyrics are all you need to feel a little appreciative and begin the day with a bang.

You can go into work smiling, knowing it’s going to be “Lovely Day”.

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