Everything You Should Know About Bear Resistant Food Containers

When you're backpacking, one of the best ways to keep your food safe is to put it in a bear-resistant food container, also called a bear canister. A bear canister is a good idea if you're backpacking in forests known for their bears.

Even though there are incidents of bears attacking humans for food, the easiest way to keep bears from getting to your food is to use a bear-resistant food container. It keeps your food safe, and the bears are also safe from consuming any hazardous substance.

Here's everything you should know about bear-resistant food containers:

1. What Is A Bear-Resistant Food Container

A bear canister is a container that isn't easy for bears to get into. It keeps food, scented goods, and trash safe in the wilderness. These canisters can keep bears from getting to your food. At the most, a bear will play with a canister but will not open it.

A bear-resistant food container filled with bread, ginger, and powder

To carry the bear canister holder atop the pack, ensure that the front cords attach to the little web that holds the flap. Slip the clip into the web cord from both sides to close the lid. Clip the hook into the holder located at the back. The straps must be tight, and the cam lockers must close at the top to keep the pack stable.

When placing the canister outside the pack, a cam-lock buckle allows a quick release of the bear canister. It goes on the top of the back panel, and the top beige web loops on the front of the pack.

2. Bear Canister Size

The general rule for a bear canister size is about 100 in3 (roughly 1.6L) space for food and other things. If you are well-aware of efficiently packing your bear-resistant food container, this rule is reasonably accurate. It would be wise not to pack the first day's food inside the canister if you are keeping your meal with you at all times.

3. What To Pack In A Bear Canister?

In addition to trash, all food items having a unique scent should be in your bear canister. This includes sunscreen, lip balm, medications, soap, packaged food, deodorants, and feminine products. Bear-resistant containers are usually better for things like food that you eat or put on your body.

4. How To Carry A Bear-Resistant Food Container?

Make sure your heaviest items are near your body when you pack your backpack. When it's full of food, we bet your bear-resistant food container will be the bulkiest item in there. If your pack allows, you can put your canister horizontally or vertically.

Make sure the canister stays in the middle of your back to keep the weight even. It's a good idea to put extra clothes or other soft things around the sides so that the bear canister stays in the middle.

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