Fall Hiking Gear Guide — What to Wear and What to Pack?

Fall is a great time to go hiking; the temperature oscillates around a golden mean between hot summer and cold winter days and the views become even more attractive as forestry takes on various shades of red and yellow.

A person hiking with a beanie and backpack on

But while fall might be a great time to hike, you still need to take the necessary precautions. Specifically, you need to prepare for the changes in weather and its effects. Fall is a precursor to winter, so you may face snow, ice, and organisms that thrive in cool temperatures.

Here’s what you should wear and pack to keep yourself safe during your fall hiking trip.

Uppers and Lowers

You’ll need to layer up to keep yourself warm during your hikes. You should also keep some extra layers in your backpack in case it gets very cold.

Your base layers should consist of a short-sleeve hiking tee and some breathable and warm leggings. Your upper middle layer should consist of a warm, long-sleeve top or an insulated vest for colder climates. Supplement your leggings with some thick and waterproof pants to prevent your boots from getting your wet.

If needed, you can add an upper layer for extreme climates. For instance, if it rains, having a raincoat handy can prevent you from getting sick and wet. If it’s freezing, an insulated jacket can keep you warm. However, you should carry these in your backpack in case extreme weather decides to visit your hiking trip.


Your footwear needs to protect you from rain and slippery surfaces, which are some of the main hazards while hiking.

In the fall, leaves typically cover the ground and reduce its friction. The ice that follows cold temperatures makes slipping even more probable.

Bring a pair of waterproof boots to counter the rain. Additionally, bring some microspikes to slip onto your boots if you encounter icy terrain.


A person hiking through a forested area with a backpack

You should, at the very least, get a beanie, gloves, and a lightweight backpack on your hike. If you’re taking a multi-day hiking trip, you should also bring some shelter and materials to make a fire. A beanie will keep you warm, and gloves will protect you from cuts and insects while also keeping you warm.

A lightweight backpack will make carrying your other accessories more comfortable, making your hike a more enjoyable experience.

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