5 Must-Have Features of Hiking Backpacks

Need to bust accumulated stress and explore the great outdoors? No better way to do it than setting forth on a hike at your favorite trails this season. Make sure you steer clear of the risks of hiking during Springand take the necessary precautionary measures to stay safe.

When preparing for hiking, you need to make sure you have plenty of essentials with you. These include keeping your navigation equipment on you at all times such as your GPS and keeping a map and compass as back up. Make sure you have a whistle to call for help and your own water and snacks to keep you energized throughout the hike.

Other essentials include a multi-purpose tool, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid supplies, an extra pair of clothes and matched. Considering these are essentials, you should not go on a hike without them and will need to take a backpack that can make room for all these things.

Here are some of the essential features of your hiking backpack that you should take into consideration.


The most important feature of a backpack is its size, especially if you’re choosing it for yourself. The higher the volume of the backpack, the more items you can store in it. The size you ultimately choose also depends on the kind of hiking trip you’ve planned and where you’re going.


Mountain climbers need to carry only small packs that are between 8-10 liters whereas those who like to go on longer hikes can benefit from larger hiking backpacks that are between 45-50 liters.

Hip belt

You can choose between a simple light paddle belt to an extra cushioned belt for larger bags.

There are also special hip belts for people with more rounded bottoms. Check out for zipped pockets in the hip belt which are ideal for storing snacks or small handy supplies.

Shoulder straps

These should come with adequate padding and when covered with mesh can also improve the ventilation and comfort.

Shoulder straps need to be adjustable to be able to fit perfectly on your body and size.

Make sure when buying a backpack, that you try it on first, and adjust your shoulder straps after putting on the hip belt.

Lid pockets

Make sure the pack you want has a lid with external and internal zipped pockets. These come in handy when you need to keep different articles and keep them dry.

Hydration system

An internal pouch in the backpack in the back is perfect for holding a platypus water bottle and some bags even have an outlet to let a drinking tube pass through.

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