Five Colorado Fourteeners to Tackle this Summer


Hiker? Backpacker? Trekker? Don't miss these Colorado Fourteeners

Hey there hiker and welcome back to the Light Hiking Gear blog. We use this space to discuss all things backpacking, hiking, and trekking. Our company puts your outdoor experience first and has made it our mantra to make the best hiking bags that are both comfortable and supportive. When you’re in the outdoors, the last thing you want to be worrying about is sore shoulders from a poorly designed bag.

In light of the beautiful and sunny summer that we’re having in the United States, especially out west, we wanted to dedicate this post to the magnificent fourteeners that tower over the state of Colorado and give the area it’s famous mountainous skyline. If you’re newer to hiking and backpacking, then you might not be familiar with what a fourteener is. A fourteener, by mountain standards, is a mountain with a peek rising higher than 14,000 feet. For experienced hikers and climbers, the fourteener is the mother of all mountain treks. Colorado, at least in the contiguous United States, is the state that holds the most fourteeners at 58! If you’re an experienced hiker but haven’t made your way over to Colorado, here are some 14,000 foot treks you should get to ASAP!

Mount Elbert: 14,433 ft

Since we’re talking about fourteeners, let’s start with the fourteenth highest mountain in the entire United States, Mount Elbert. Additionally Mount Elbert is the highest fourteener in Colorado! This mountain is located about 40 miles west of the famous ski town of Aspen and is a part of the Sawatch Mountain Range in central Colorado. It’s snowy sloped and peaks make the mountain less accessible during the winter months, so make way over before it gets too chilly! There are three main climbing routes all varying in difficulty. Don’t forget to purchase one of Light Hiking Gear's comfortable hiking backpacks designed for treks like these.

Longs Peak: 14,255 ft

Longs Peak is the only fourteener in Colorado’s famous Rocky Mountain National Park and one of the most prominent mountains in the state of Colorado. Located in Boulder County towards the north of the state, Longs Peak is the fifteenth highest fourteener in the state. There are several routes to summit the mountain including the Keyhole Route and the East Longs Peak Trail. Summer is a popular season to make the hike, so make sure you get over to the Rockies before it’s too late!

Grays Peak: 14,275 ft

Grays Peak, located in Arapahoe National Forest and right upon the continental divide, is the 9th highest mountain in Colorado. Near Torreys Peak, another Colorado fourteener, Grays Peak is considered an easier hike compared to other summits. The main hiking trail up Grays Peak is the Grays Peak Trail which ascends from Stephens Gulch between Clear Creek and Summit Counties. We trust that you’ll find your way over there, and hopefully trek up Torreys Peak as well!

Pikes Peak: 14,110 ft

Pikes Peak is named for historical figure Zebulon Pike’s original discovery of the mountain. The Pike Expedition, which included Pike and other Spanish explorers walked for days through the flat terrain before coming across the foot of this huge, snowy mountain. Located in El Paso Country, this historically noted mountain is the 30th highest summit in the State. The most popular route up Pikes Peak is the Barr Trail, and the trailhead is located towards the east of the summit. Walk in the footsteps of Pike and hike up the mountain.

Please note that hiking fourteeners isn’t something you just do. Without proper altitude training and planning, a trek for an inexperienced hiker could lead to illness and health risks. Always prepare for these treks and consult healthcare professionals before making the decision to go.

Additionally make sure to check out Light Hiking Gear’s inventory of some of the best hiking packs around! We make it our priority to ensure that the only thing uncomfortable about hiking up a fourteener is how sore your legs are after that steep climb!


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