The Best Hiking Snacks

Yummy Snacks for Hiking

Hello there hikers, backpackers, and lovers of everything outdoors, and welcome back to our blog! If you haven’t already checked out Light Hiking Gear’s inventory of some of the best hiking packs around, then be sure to take a look! In the meantime, we’re going to give you a list of some of the best hiking snacks that you should pack into your Aarn backpack before making the journey over the river, through the woods, and, of course, up the mountain. Hiking is an especially energy-consuming activity and some of the longer hikes will probably require a little bit of an added boost to ensure you make it to the top without becoming too tired or sick from the journey.

While you probably won’t need an entire meal for most hikes, we recommend packing a few nutrient filled snacks that are sure to power you through your journey and NOT go bad. Here are some of Light Hiking Gear’s favorites!


Shocker! While water might not count as a snack, per se, it’s arguably the most essential item to stick into your Aarn backpackers bag before hitting the trails. In the summer, which is peak hiking season, it’s super easy to become dehydrated while journeying up a mountain. Dehydration can be accompanied by heat stroke (hyperthermia) and fainting, which could be deadly up in the hills. Packing multiple bottles in your bag is an absolute necessity.

Trail Mix

I guess it’s no coincidence that they call it trail mix! This little snack comes in a variety of types that usually contain nuts, dried berries, and yummy chocolates! What’s so great about trail mix is that the foods in it consists of a great combination of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates which are essential for a quick power up! Just pack some in a little plastic baggy and tuck it away in one of Light Hiking Gear’s lightweight daypacks for when you get hungry! Yum!


Oranges are lightweight, packed with vitamins, and hydrating! Oranges are a helpful hiker’s food because they add a quick boost of sugar and carbohydrates that’s broken down quickly and will help you get through even the hardest hikes. Because of their peels, the won’t go bad too quickly or make a mess. Additionally, oranges are thought to help with muscle fatigue, which is the bane extreme hikers.

Protein Bar

When we say “protein bar,” we mean bars that are packed with healthy ingredients, not ones that are processed. Next time you’re grocery shopping, look out for some plant-based protein bars! Some of our favorite brands include Larabars, Health Warrior, NuGo, Kind, and Cliff! Or, even better, you can make your own bars! Some things to add might be nuts, honey, chia and flax seeds, and some raisins. The possibilities for these easy to store in your backpackers bag are absolutely endless.


Bananas are the ultimate snack! Not only are they encased in a protective little peel, but they’re also amazingly nutritious. These yellow foods are packed with potassium, fiber, and vitamin B and will help you feel full and ready to go! Not to mention bananas are super delicious and not too high in calories. Add one of these fruits to your Aarn ultralight backpack and your hike won’t be stifled by hunger and fatigue!

Peanut Butter

While we wouldn’t judge you for spooning yourself some peanut butter from the jar (we’ve all been there), we do recommend pairing it with some pretzels or apple slices! Peanut butter is a protein and fat rich snack that is ideal for long and hard hikes. However, what we don’t recommend are peanut butters that are stuffed with added sugar and preservatives or that state that they’re reduced fat. Some of our favorite brands are Justin’s, MaraNatha, and even Smucker’s! If you’re not a fan of peanut butter or have an allergy, we also recommend almond or cashew butter, which is equally as yummy!

Thanks for stopping back on our blog and we hope that you’ll know what to put on your next shopping list! These are some of our favorite snacks and we know that they’ll be super beneficial for you health, hike, and happiness! Before your next hike, be sure to purchase one of our light backpacking bags and fill it with these yummy goodies!


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