Have A Safe Hike Trip During Hunting Season

Come fall, and hunting season begins in most states. This time of the year is a great one for hikers and hunters alike; its the last few weeks to enjoy an invigorating hike up your favorite trails before snow. So dont let the hunting put you off your hiking plans.

With a little caution, there is no reason why you shouldnt check off your hiking milestones.

Check out these tips for your next hunting season hike trip:

  1. Communicate With Your State Agency

Each state has its regulations regarding hunting. For more knowledge about these rules and other information on hunting, contact your states agency. Some states have bans on hunting during Sundays, which means you can plan your hike accordingly.

  1. Find Out More About The Trail

Before you chose a hiking trail, get to know whether they allow hunters. If you are the one leading the hike, make sure to include this detail in your hiking description. This allows people to prepare and dress accordingly, and stay on alert during the hike.

  1. Avoid Dawn/Dusk Hikes

Dawn and dusk are prime times for hunters. It is when wildlife is at its most active, and visibility is fairly reduced. When hiking during hunting season, opt for clear daylights.

  1. Check The Signs

Most parks have rules for hunting near hiking trails. Seek out all signage at your hiking site. These will indicate whether a hiking area is open or closed to hunters.

  1. Stay On Trails

Sports enthusiasts, or simply those of you with an adventurous spirit, may be in the habit of venturing off the designated trails during your hikedont do it. Hunting season is the time to be more cautious of your surroundings.

  1. Wear Brightly-Colored Clothing

Steer clear of any earthy tones in your hiking apparel, and go for bright oranges and reds. These colors stand out amongst the elements of nature, and thus alerting any hunters near your hike trail.

Taking any pet dogs on your hike? Dont forget to put a brightly-colored vest on little Max too! Its not playing dress-up; dogs and woodland roamers can appear similar to hunters.

  1. Pack On The Noise

Talk, laugh, and sing while you make your way up the hiking trail. It also helps if your hiking group is family-friendly; kids naturally tend to make a lot of noise.

Hunters prefer to steer clear of noisy areas, so if you hear any hunting going on nearby, bellow out your conversations to alert them!

  1. Stick To Popular Trails

Most national or city parks have limitations on any kind of hunting. Hunters also avoid well-used trails, so pick a place where you can encounter more public, or where hikers usually prefer to go.

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