Hiking Up a Trail? Some Hiking Bag Essentials You Need to Pack

While there are many things that you might think you need when going on hiking, you must have the right stuff to keep you feeling safe and happy. It doesn't matter if you're venturing out towards the walking trails for a short jaunt or on an extended hiking adventure in the mountains; there are some bare essentials that you need in your lightweight backpack to take with you on every hiking trip.

Cooling Neckerchief

This cooling neckerchief by Light Hiking Gear is 36 inches long and lightweight scarf made from 100% cotton. It's available in multiple colors and prints. This neckerchief contains polymer crystals that work to keep a hiker's body temperature down when hiking for long distances. The polymer crystals in this neckerchief work by releasing moisture or water, i.e., they work as a portable air conditioner for hikers while on a hiking trip.

So how does this neckerchief work? You have to soak it in cool water for 45 minutes at a time. Let the polymer crystals absorb the water and then start using it. Our Light Hiking Gear neckerchief will last you for hours and hours. This backpack essential shouldn't be forgotten even if you aren't a regular hiker.

Light Hiking Gear Poncho Rain Gear

A picture of a hiker wearing Light Hiking Gear water wizard

Light Hiking Gear brings you the WaterWizard, a must-have backpack essential if you're hiking on a rainy day. The large parka works by covering you and your hiking backpack from rain, snow, and strong winds. This parka protects the hip belt and the shoulder straps from getting wet so that you feel uncomfortable later on.

Bear Canister Holder

Another such important essential is the bear canister holder. This lightweight attachment works by keeping your food, water, and medicine safe from wildlife and other natural accidents. This holder lets a hiker keep their bear canister safe from hiking accidents.

Balance Pockets

Balance pockets by Light Hiking Gear are an accessory that shouldn't be forgotten when planning a hiking trip, as these help with weight management by keeping the extra weight off your back. Balance pockets are placed in front to provide the hiker with quick access. Our ultralight backpacking gear includes balance pockets and harness belts.

Pivoting Pockets

Pivoting or rear pockets give the hiker the much-needed centered weight distribution for their hiking backpacks. These pockets are used for carrying water bottles. The mess pockets inside these pivoting pockets are made from stretchable material. This means you can put some more things in your backpack in addition to the bottles.

Light Hiking Gear has it all, with the light, waterproof backpacks to bear-resistant food containers. Browse through our website to check out the hiking essentials that you can carry in your backpack while going on a hiking trip with your friends, colleagues, or business partners. Contact us today to learn more about what hiking products we offer.


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