How to Get Your Spouse Comfortable with Hiking

If you’re married, there are likely a bunch of things that you like that your better half doesn’t and vice versa. Hiking is one such thing since not everyone loves to get outdoors and challenge themselves physically, even if they do have the best lightweight backpack by their side.

However, hiking is also best done together, and the experience could bring you together. That’s why trying to go on a couple’s hiking trip may require some maneuvering and compromise — but it’ll be worth it.

The Right Way to Convince Them

The first step to getting your significant other to agree to go on a hike with you is to communicate with them. Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows how important it is to get this part of any compromise right.

If hiking is important enough to you that you want your spouse to join you on them, then make sure you communicate why you want them there. Show them that this is important to you and that you want it to be something they enjoy as well.

Plan for Their Fears and Weaknesses

Your spouse probably has some hang-ups or fears about hiking, which is natural. Bugs, humidity, branches smacking you in the face, physical exertion, and the dangers of the unknown are all valid things to be nervous about, especially if your spouse is more of a homebody than an outdoor conqueror.

That’s why if your spouse has agreed, make sure you address their concerns. Let them know that you can stop anytime they want, take them shopping for clothes and gear, and take all the precautions they ask for. The key is to not dismiss their concerns.

Start with A Simple Trail

With any beginner, a simple trail is the best way to go. However, if you need to bring your significant other on board with hiking, an easy trail serves multiple purposes. If your nervous spouse is able to conquer an easy trail, they’ll feel better about going again.

You’ll also have a better time together, with enough leeway for talking and bonding as you hike. Getting into an intense hiking adventure, in the beginning will restrict that growth.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Intense hikers can get super serious about hiking, which is exactly what you don’t want to do! Remember that the person with you is probably not all the way into this, and pushing them to keep going when they’re clearly tired or brushing off their fears in the moment will alienate them.

Take the shortcuts, stop to admire the scenery, and break open some snacks, point out some unique flowers or just amble along instead of marching on. This makes the experience fun for your spouse.

Get Ultralight Hiking Gear

Making things easy on the other person also means having the right kind of gear. Buy the most comfortable daypack at our online store for your partner and yourself to make sure you can carry the supplies you need without getting tired so quickly.

Our lightweight backpacks for hiking are engineered to provide your back with as much balance as possible, making your hikes easy-peasy!


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