How to Prepare for Your First Adventure Race

Don't Show Up to a Race Unprepared!

Adventure racing is not only about your bike and the tracks, but also about being fully prepared for everything that can affect your expedition. Aside from the actual race, adventure racing involves running, climbing, and kayaking. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to be physically and mentally prepared. Here are some tips for you if you are going on your first racing adventure.

Enroll Yourself in Racing Programs

Before you start with your first racing expedition, you should enroll yourself in a race clinic program. These race clinics are short and special courses designed to prepare you for racing adventures by equipping you with knowledge about how to plan your race, instructions on how to eat right, and tips on all of the techniques involved. These clinics also put you to a test and all you to race before you’re on the track. Light Hiking Gear believes these courses should be taken by everyone preparing for a racing expedition since they’re taught by the experts!

Understand Your Maps

Practice reading maps! Having a working ability to read maps quickly and efficiently will put you at an advantage. Once you’re able to read maps, practice navigating with a map while riding on your bike. These races require you to have a map in front of you while racing and they’re really difficult to read at high speeds. Therefore, before you start with the actual racing expedition, practice for months so you can be an expert prior to the race! Come prepared so that you don’t miss checkpoints while racing!

Make Physical Training a Daily Routine

Get your body ready months before the big race. Physical training is necessary to build up your stamina and endurance. Combine running with swimming every day as a way to strengthen all muscles. Going to a race without proper training is not going to end up well.

Eating Right Before and During the Race

Food is essential! You’ll want to consume a high amount of complex carbohydrates and proteins prior to the race, as you’ll be burning off large amounts of energy. During the, keep energy food, such as protein bars, vitamin water, energy boosters, on hand. Additionally, stray from foods that will hurt your stomach!

Stay Hydrated

You will need to stay hydrated all the time during the race. As you sweat, you’ll be losing an influx of fluid. Carry a water bottle with you that can be re-filled. Check the routes and the area thoroughly before the race to see if water sources are available on the way, though usually they will.

Be Medically Prepared

You will be riding in places where medical staff may not be able to reach you immediately. Before going to the race, take a first aid course to equip yourself in case of medical emergencies. Additionally, carry a small first aid kit with you in case you, or your fellow racers, are injured.

Choosing the Right Gear

Finally, get yourself an ultralight backpack from Light Hiking Gear, which is especially made for adventure racing. With specialized pockets designed for easy and quick access to food, clothing, and emergency kits, you’ll be ready for your race.

Before the big race, be sure to check out some of the comfortable backpacks made by Light Hiking Gear! And, as always, we wish you the best on your excursion!


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