How to Stay Safe On the Mountains When Hiking in the Winter

Winter is finally here. And contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t have to put a damper on your hiking plans!

There may be snow, but you refuse to let it slow you down. In fact, you’ve decided to go on a hike after the holidays are over.

You probably already know that you can’t go on a winter hike without preparing for snowstorms and avalanche risks, wearing the right clothes, investing in the right gear, and bringing plenty of food and water with you.

But there are other things you need to be prepared for. We’ve got a list you can follow!

Keep Checking the Weather

keep monitoring the weather

Since it’s winter, you need to keep monitoring the weather. Depending on the state you live in, make sure there aren’t any avalanche risks where you’re going.

Yes, you need to plan your trip in advance, but make sure to check the weather report the day you’re supposed to leave too. Besides avalanche risks, there are parks that are closed during extreme weather, so make sure to check.

Make an Emergency Kit

You need an emergency kit for your hiking trip; taking a liter of water and warm clothes isn’t enough.

Make sure your bag has tea bags, heating pads, flashlights, rain gear, matches/lighter, an emergency blanket, and a first-aid kit.

You should also keep snacks with you. It’s a good idea to keep granola or protein bars, instant chicken broth packets, cup noodles, beef jerky, and fruits.

Make sure to also have a compass with you. Some hiking trails don’t have good signals so don’t rely on just your GPS.

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Don’t Forget Your Hiking Gear

And last but not least, make sure you invest in top-notch hiking gear. You will need athletic shoes or boots, a backpack, sunglasses, a water bottle, and pelvic hip belts.

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