Keeping Hydrated During a Weekend Hiking Trip

Going on a hike? Because hiking is so physically strenuous, it’s important you remain hydrated throughout your trip.

Use the following trips to keep your body hydrated while you hike:

Before Your Trip

Before you begin your trip, drink two glasses of water or a sports drink. Sports drinks are packed with a combination of sugar, sodium, potassium and electrolytes; all of these nutrients are lost during exercise and will need to be replenished to keep you energized on the trail.

By hydrating yourself at the beginning you’ll start your trip off right.

Stay Away From Caffeinated Drinks

Most people start their hikes in the early morning so it can be tempting to make a cup of coffee to wake you up. But when you’re going on a hike, it’s best to stay clear of all caffeinated drinks. These drinks may help wake you up but they’ll also trigger fluid loss.

You’re already going to be losing fluids and electrolytes as you hike, drinking caffeine will only make it worse. To prevent dehydration, limit the amount of caffeinated drinks you consume a couple of days before your hike.

Pace Yourself

If you’ve chosen to hike in hot weather, make sure you drink at least 500ml of water every 30-45 mins. The heat will cause you to sweat and lose more liquids so you need to keep drinking water to replenish fluids.

Sports Drinks

Other than drinking regular water, take a couple of sports drinks with you. Sports drinks are a great source of electrolytes and help you retain fluids. Alternate between regular water and sports drinks during your trip to stay hydrated at all times.

Drink Juices

When the fluids you drink on the trail contain sodium and potassium, re-hydration is enhanced. Fruit juices with bananas, citrus fruits, lemonade, and tomato juice are packed with important electrolytes that help retain fluids for longer.

By following the above tips, you should be able to keep yourself fully hydrated on the trail.

To make sure you’re comfortable when hiking, choose a backpack that fits well around your body and offers enough space to carry your water.

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