Lesser Known Benefits of Hiking for Your Health

People these days are more aware than ever of the importance of good physical health. With new diseases and viruses cropping up every year, maintain a good immune system and ensuring proper mental and physical health is more important than ever.

One of the best ways to ensure good physical health is through outdoor activities and spending time in nature. Hiking is an activity that encompasses both, outdoor exercise and being in natural surroundings. It can do wonders for your physical health apart from the obvious benefits such as building muscle strength, endurance, and uplifting your mood by increasing serotonin levels.

Here are some lesser-known benefits of hiking for physical health that will prompt you to take it up at least once a month:

It Can Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Hiking and backpacking can be very helpful for maintaining good cardiovascular health. Even a simple trek through the woods can increase the heart rate and engage the core muscles in your torso, which helps increase endurance and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. People who go on regular moderate hikes are less likely to experience bad cholesterol levels, hypertension and have better glucose tolerance.

It Can Improve Your Balance

Hiking is also a great way to improve your balance and stabilize muscles that provide stability to your body. As you walk through uneven terrain, your body becomes adept at depth perception, and your proprioception increases while the core muscles in the leg strengthen. This increases your brain’s ability to process the surroundings and gauge different obstacles allowing you to improve your gait and balance.

It Can Increase Bone Density

Having good bone density is important because the higher quantity of minerals in your bones makes them stronger and less likely to break easily. Good bone density also decreases the risk of developing osteoporosis and arthritis later in life. Hiking involves weight-bearing and high impact activities that help strengthen bone tissue and improve bone density. However, the intensity of the physical exercise must be moderate or high level for it to affect your bone density. You will experience more benefits for your bone and muscle strength hiking up a steep trail compared to walking along a flat trail.

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