Packing Your Hiking Backpack the Right Way

A poorly packed back pack is not just a tongue twister but can also make your next hiking adventure unsuccessful. It’s important to pack it well enough so that it’s convenient, efficient and comfortable for you to carry throughout your trip. Otherwise, it can be a hassle for you to keep and can end up causing you to fuss around with the backpack instead of taking in the experience of hiking.

One of the key essentials of a hiking trip is the perfect backpack that will hold your things, keep them safe and dry and still be easy to carry. If you pack your things the right way, you can make sure your backpack stays as light as a feather and you’re barely feel it on your pack.

With these tips you can make sure your backpack is your companion on the trip and helps you climb high instead of holding you back!

The last thing you need is the first thing that goes in

backpack is your companion

This is usually the sleeping bag, and if you’re planning an overnight trip, you’ll need this at the very end of your trip so make sure you pack this first. Also, this helps you evenly distribute the weight so that the weight is in the center of your shoulder blades.

Distributing the weight evenly

If you pack things accordingly, you can save yourself the trouble of dealing with back pain at the end of your trip. The best way to do this is to pile on lighter things such as an extra pair of clothes, charging cables, snacks etc. on top of the sleeping bag.

Next, aim to pack in heavier items such as pots, food canisters, water bladders etc. between your shoulder blades and close to the back. The remaining space can be occupied with things that are middleweight such as a water filter, first aid supplies etc. you can also fill the empty spaces in the bags with these things.

Use the zipper at the top for quick access

Things like granola bars, sunscreen, GPS, flashlight, raincoat etc. should be in the pocketed zipper at the top so you can reach for them easily whenever you need them. This makes it easier for you to reach for them without stopping and reaching into the deep end of your bag looking for what you need. It also helps you save time on your trip.

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