Preparing for Moderate and Strenuous Hikes

Your friends have been boasting about their hiking adventures on Instagram, and you’ve decided that you’re going to start hiking too, because, why not?

But there’s only one problem—you believe you’re too “out of shape” to go on one!

While it may seem difficult at first, we’ve got a few great tips that’ll help you prep for challenging hikes in no time!

Here’s what you should do:

Start With an Easy Trail

First things first, don’t embark on a difficult hike right away. Always start small. To begin with, look for national parks that have short trails. This will help you get used to hiking.

Make sure the trail you choose has flat terrain and that the slopes are gentle. If you start with uneven terrain right away, you risk damaging the heels and soles of your feet. You can also get leg cramps.

The Right Shoes Matter

The type of shoes you choose also matters. Make sure to invest in athletic shoes or boots.

The shoes you wear should also be comfortable. Don’t buy a size that’s too big. If the pair you have is, you can use insoles.

A good idea is to look into all the different kinds of shoes available. Adidas and Nike have excellent running and sports shoes. You can compare them side by side and read reviews online to figure out which one you should get.

Keep in mind that since it’s winter, you’ll need to get shoes accordingly.

Start Jogging and Exercising

Jogging and exercising will help you build strength and prepare you for challenging trails. Remember, hiking sounds great, but you need to be realistic as well. So start training early.

Moderate trails have rocky paths, and you can expect a few elevation changes. But strenuous trails are rocky and have steep inclines. These trails can significantly affect your heart rate.

Get Proper Gear and Hiking Equipment

It’s not just the shoes that matter. You also need to have the right gear. Make sure you have a grappling hook, a water bottle, waterproof headlights, a flashlight, plenty of snacks, and a pelvic hip belt.

Moreover, invest in a good hiking backpack to keep everything safe. The right backpack should provide you with ample space, without straining your shoulders, joints, and back.

This is where we come in!

Our bags are scientifically-designed for modern-day hikers, to ensure they’re safe throughout their journey.

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