Romantic Hiking Trails to Explore with Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Tired of the same-old dinner dates and boring movie nights? Don’t want to visit the same places as always for a romantic Valentine’s Day, eating the same food or participating in the same activities you could do on any weekend of the year.

Valentine’s Day is meant to be special and luckily, it's lined up perfectly well with the weekend this year. Which is why you can plan a romantic getaway to any of these amazing and romantic trails in the U.S.:

West Maroon Creek in the Rocky Mountains

In the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain range, this creek is a world of its own. A challenging hike that leads you through a magnificent glacial valley and to the Maroon Pass that connects Aspen and Crested Butte, it’s a stunning sight to see, especially during wildflower season. Stay at a resort or hotel, hike out to the site and spend the rest of your time unwinding together.

Muir Snowfield, Mount Rainier National Park

A gorgeous location, this area spans across several acres. It’s surrounded by avalanches, rockfalls and you’ll be hiking all the way to the top to get the full view, but boy, will it be worth every second!

It’s the perfect escape for a romantic getaway and a break from that urban life. The mountains truly remind you how small you are when compared to the universe; just you, the person you love and breathtaking views!

Kalalau Trail, Kauai

Kalalau Trail, Kauai

What's more romantic than Valentine's in Hawaii? Nothing!

This gorgeous trail goes through a perfectly tropical location on the island of Kauai and will get you to a secret beach where you and your boo can soak up some sun, enjoy the ocean breeze, enjoy a picnic or a little private time while camping by the beach. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget.

Heart Lake

Since Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, why not enjoy a trip to Heart Lake near Seattle? This lover’s paradise is a quiet and empty little lake nestled in a forest, perfect for hiking out to for a romantic picnic in the day. The best part is you can always pack snacks and beverages for your picnic in our most comfortable daypacks!

Moonlit Hike

This is a very special hike to take in Utah’s Washington County. Catch a stunning view of the desert and rock formations and enjoy some solace with your partner by hiking up to the plateau that gives you the complete view. Hike up before sunset and back down in the moonlight.

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a present though, which is why we’d recommend you buy an ultralight pack for your partner before venturing out! Contact us to know more.


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