The First-Timer’s Guide to a Safe and Fun Hike

Hiking is one of the most invigorating activities anyone can participate in. It's addictive, fun and offers a ton of health benefits; it's great for emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health, helping you keep your mind clear and body active. It's also the perfect chance to get out and explore nature and all it has to offer.

From hiking up mountains to hiking through valleys and wandering through forests and desserts, the possibilities are endless. If you haven't been on an expedition yet, you're missing out on a world of fun!

It's an activity that anyone can pick up, regardless of age, gender, fitness level or past experience. It's a matter of finding people and itineraries that suit you. Here are some tips for first-time hikers:

Find a hike that’s challenging but manageable

If you haven't been on a hike yet, it's important to understand that not all of them are the same. Some hikes and trails are a lot more challenging than others, making them difficult to accomplish on your own or as a first-timer; unless of course, you train rigorously. It’s okay to start slow and work your way up. Find a trail that’s manageable but challenging enough to be fun.

Begin training early

Begin training early

You’d do well from spending a few weeks training to take on this adventure. Go running, hit the gym, focus on endurance, stretching and flexibility. Build your stamina so you’re not tired too soon, cramping and injured by the time you finish. It’s a fun activity so don’t take it as a chance to torture yourself!

Invest in the right gear

Investing in the right gear is essential to your hike. It’s important to have the right footwear, clothing and of course hiking gear and backpacks. You can choose from the range of lightweight backpacks for hiking that we have and invest in a comfortable hiking backpack where you can store food, warm clothing, medication, sunblock, and other gear.

Pack snacks and water

Fuel up before you set out on your hike, but keep light, energy-packed snacks for the trip. Nuts, fruit, energy bars are all some great options for when you need a quick boost of energy. Take breaks and fuel up, and keep yourself hydrated. Sweating and being in the sun can take a toll on you, so having plenty of water is important to your wellbeing.

Learn to listen to your body

Your body is always giving you signals. When you're hiking, you must pay attention to these because it will tell you a lot about what you need to do. Don't push yourself if your body is signaling for a break; you have nothing to prove to anyone!

With these things in mind, you’re bound to have a great first hike! Try finding groups or friends and family with a bit more experience so it’s safe and fun, as opposed to being overwhelming and tiring or even dangerous.

Happy hiking!


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