Selecting the Ideal Backpack for an Outdoor Trip — A Guide

It’s no secret that campers, hikers, and trekking enthusiasts need to be prepared for rainy weather, as being stuck at a hiking trail or camping site without any preparation to deal with rain can make the entire outdoor experience a nightmare. Therefore, when you’re packing a monsoon preparation kit, you should also pick a backpack that’s made from water-resistant material. This allows you to pack essentials like food and medicines without worrying about them getting wet.

A group of people carrying backpacks and hiking on a mountainous trail

Pick the Right Sized Backpack

Another factor you need to consider when choosing a backpack is its size. While it’s advisable to choose a backpack with at least 38 liters capacity, the backpack size and capacity depend on the length of your trip, your tour’s location, and the gear you plan on carrying. For instance, if you’re hiking to an area where you pass several small towns, you won’t have to carry a wide collection of food as you can get that daily. On the other hand, if you’re traveling to the Himalayas, you might have to carry a 50-60 liters backpack as you won’t have access to food sources in that region.

Additionally, for a small 1-2 weeks trip, even a 20-liter backpack will be sufficient. However, if your trip extends a few months, you might have to fit everything in a 40-45-liter backpack. If you’re traveling in a group, it’s advisable to distribute stuff like medicines and tents to ensure that everyone is carrying fewer items and doesn’t have to invest in backpacks with huge capacity.

A group of travelers carrying backpacks

Ensure That the Backpack Has Several Straps

Many people think that picking a backpack with a lot of space and the water-resistant fabric is the only factor they have to consider while choosing a backpack. However, that’s far from the truth, as straps are an essential part of every backpack. You should never pick a backpack with only the conventional shoulder straps as that puts the entire weight on your back and shoulders, leading to extensive pain, which can ruin the purpose of the trip.

It can also lead to internal injuries that you’ll have to deal with later. So you need to ensure that the backpack you select has a hip strap that allows you to attach the backpack to your lower back and hip-region also. This results in an even distribution of weight, making your trip more comfortable. Hip straps make your backpack more functional and are a must in every backpack you choose.

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Opt for a Backpack with Pockets

While you can pack all the outdoor trip tools in your backpack easily, it’s important to put some essentials in a place where you can easily access them. For instance, if you need bandages in an emergency, you won’t have time to rummage through your backpack's contents to locate your first-aid kit. Therefore, some items need to be placed in easily accessible options, making it important for your backpack to have pockets.

Always pick a backpack that has several pockets that you can use to store items. It’s advisable to place items like your smartphone, water, some energy bars, a first-aid kit, and some emergency tools like torches in these pockets so you can find them easily for sudden use. Even though pockets make a backpack more functional and practical, you need to ensure that your backpack doesn’t have dozens of pockets. Having a backpack with several pockets that remain empty isn’t the ideal solution either.

Select a Backpack with Multiple Compartments

Besides having a backpack with several pockets for easy access to essential items, it’s also advisable to opt for a backpack that has several compartments. This allows you to divide items equally in your backpack and locate them quickly when you need them. For instance, you can place camping essentials like the tent and stove in one compartment, your clothes in another, and other camping gear in the next compartment, making packing more efficient.

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