Smart Clothing Strategies for Spring Backpacking

Finally got around to planning a dreamy spring backpacking trip with your beau? Yay!

While you may think you're ready for the ultimate weekend getaway, there are many tips and tricks waiting to be uncovered. Overlooking the importance of research while embarking on a backpacking trip is a recipe for disaster.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it's essential that you rely on the backpacking expertise of professionals. Not only will you end up feeling more comfortable, but you'll also have an incredible time with your loved one!

We've rounded up some smart clothing strategies for spring backpacking to help you get started!

1. Stay Away From Denim At All Costs

Tempted to don that stunning pair of denim jeans you bought on sale the other day? You may want to think again. Not only does denim absorb water easily, but it also increases discomfort by prolonging evaporation and trapping heat and debris.

Not only will you feel sweaty and uncomfortable during the day, but the chilly spring nights will also make you feel extra cold as the trapped water creates an icy effect on your skin.

We recommend opting for polyester or nylon instead. These materials remove excess sweat from the skin, thereby drying quickly and enhancing comfort.

2. Opt for Comfortable Base Layers

Opting for comfortable base layers will go a long way in making you feel your best. From underwear to bras to tank tops and camisoles, opt for airy and breathable options that are made of materials that dry easily. Opt for wool underwear or nylon-spandex mesh alternatives that prevent chafing and enhance mobility.

Avoid cotton at all costs. Its tendency to trap water and dry slowly will make you feel uncomfortable.

We also recommend investing in a pullover sports bra without metal or plastic clasps. Opt for warm and breezy tank tops or camisoles made of synthetic fabrics, fine wool, or silk. Indulge in a pair of comfortable leggings for enhanced mobility and protection from the cold.

3. Waterproof Mid Layers to the Rescue

Invest in long-sleeved wicking shirts and waterproof pants (preferably nylon) for added convenience and ease throughout your backpacking trip. We also recommend investing in a fleece top. Focus on insulation to stay warm at night and comfortably breezy during the day.

4. Don't Forget to Find Versatile Outer Layers

As one of the most important layers, it's essential that you opt for waterproof, versatile, and breathable jackets and outerwear. Pack a rain jacket and comfortable outer pants that help you stay dry and comfortable. We also recommend packing hard-shell outerwear that protects you from late-night chills.

5. Invest in a High-Quality and Body-Friendly Backpack

A high-quality and body-friendly backpack or daypack will go a long way in helping you stay comfortable.

High-Quality and Body-Friendly Backpack

Invest in a sturdy and spacious option that molds to the contours of your body. This will prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain while reducing pressure on your joints.

We offer a wide range of backpacks specifically designed for backpacking. Check out our collection to find the perfect fit that suits your needs!

Kick-start your dreamy backpacking journey by finalizing a serene and tranquil trail and diving into research! We offer a plethora of information to help you stay safe and protected as you embark on your glittering spring vacation!

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