Summer Hiking Safety: A Guide

Nothing compares to the wonders of a much-needed hiking expedition. The serenity, nature, peace, breathtaking views, and more make hiking a popular activity among many in the summer season. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when you’re starting your hike.

Hiking is a challenging feat, and apart from the rocky slope and terrain, several problems exist, such as potentially dangerous creatures, getting lost, risk of sunburn, rushing rivers, and injuries. Here’s your guide to ensuring safety while hiking in the summer:

Keep Your Friends Close

Ensuring safety while hiking involves going with a group of friends and making sure that your friends are aware of your location and can track you even if you're alone. Even though solo hiking is a trendy way of discovering yourself and getting some alone time, it’s recommended that people be cautious and careful while on their journey.

When traveling in groups, it’s best to divide people into several groups and discuss possible stops and destinations for rest.

Prepare in Advance for the Weather

When hiking, you’ll be exposed to novel areas that you might not have any idea about. Especially when you’re walking at higher altitudes and peaks, the unexpected weather can catch you off-guard and even make you sick, affecting your trip.

It is recommended to research the weather in advance and take necessary precautions for every situation.

Pack Essentials

Nothing says hiking safety like preparing a checklist of all the essentials for your hiking journey. Ensure you have extra hiking apparel which is not only comfortable but functional. Ditch those regular shoes for hiking shoes; pack additional layers, caps, sunglasses, water bottles, and other necessary items.

Hiking requires you to be outdoors in the sun for long periods. Excessive exposure to sunlight is dangerous as it can activate skin cancer cells— apply sunscreen regularly to shield your skin from harmful ultra-violet rays.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Hiking is adventurous, which means you should be prepared for a few cuts or scratches along the route. The best way to prevent these injuries or treat them before they turn into deadly infections is to keep a fully equipped first aid kit. Educate yourself on how to utilize the first aid kit in times of emergencies.

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