The Best Time to go Hiking for the Ultimate Hiking Experience

The motivation to go on a hike can vary from person to person. There are those who look forward to pushing themselves and challenging their physical limits.

There also those who are enticed by nature’s wonders such as a waterfall or catching a glimpse of the sunrise from their favorite spot on the trail. We all have our preferences for when we want to escape on a hike so we can make sure we experience our favorite moments at just the right time.

Other times our reasons for hiking revolve around spending more quality time with the family, or even spending it alone and getting in touch with our inner self. In either case, hiking is an activity that you can enjoy all the year round, and the best time depends on your personal preference.

Here are our top tips for choosing the best time to go hiking!

Late spring and the beginning of summer

Winter hikes have their own charms and challenges but the ideal weather to explore a new hiking trail or get into hiking as a hobby is during the pleasant weather at the cusp of summer.

As the seasons transition from breezy spring time to warmer summer months, you have more opportunity to experience nature in all its glory and get that summer glow as well.

You can also extend how far you go in the trail because you can expect routes to be clear and there are also fewer chances of snowfall or rain.

Choose a time that fits with your schedule

The best time to go hiking for you is when you can clear your mind and aren’t thinking about checking things off your to-do list.

warmer summer

If you still have the rest of the day to do chores, make sure that you catch a hike in the early hours of morning, right after dawn.

This will help you get a boost of energy to tackle the rest of your day and also give you some time to break free and practice mindfulness before you begin your day.

First time hikers should opt for morning hikes

The time of the day is really important for making sure you have a memorable hiking experience. If you’re new to hiking and are still getting accustomed to it as an activity, the first thing you will realize is that it can take a toll on your physical. Make sure you pack all the essentials, including the right snacks and head out in the morning so you can maximize the time you can spend on the trail until you get familiar with it.

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