The Ultimate Checklist for a Cycling Trip

A cycling trip is the ultimate idea of fun for any nature-loving adventure. Cycling trips seem to need fewer accessories and preparations than your average road trip. That is true for the most part, but there is still a long list of essentials that you need to bring with you on a cycling trip. Here is the checklist for you to go through before going out on a long cycling trip.

1. Basic Essentials

Before leaving for a long cycling journey, make sure to pack the essentials that’ll keep you in touch with your contacts. Even if it’s a shorter trip, remember to pack a water bottle for hydration. Put on sunscreen before putting on your biking gear and sunglasses. Make sure to charge your phone and bring a power bank with you just in case your phone’s battery dies. For longer routes, make sure to bring a map in case your phone’s GPS starts to lag during your trip. Buy Light Hiking Gear’s ultra-light backpack to pack all your essentials in, so you don’t have to carry more weight than you need to.

2. Nutrient-Packed Food Staples

Don’t forget to pack granola bars and electrolyte powders to maintain your energy throughout the trip. You can also take fruits or nuts for instant energy boosts during the trip. Take Aarn lightweight backpack designed for travel so your food provisions don’t weigh you down when cycling.

3. Cycle Accessories for Long Trips

For long-distance travel, bring Light Hiking Gear’s 28-liter ultralight backpack and our most comfortable daypack for better support and balance during cycling. Take extra safety measures and bring a flashlight, reflectors, and a bike lock. Set a mirror on the handlebar as well for easier navigation. You might also need an extra handler bag or frame bag depending on the length of your trip, your stay duration, and the route you are taking.

4. Clothing Items

You would essentially need to wear a bike helmet, shorts, and a windbreaker jacket for the trip. Bike shoes along with bike gloves are also recommended depending on the climate in the region you are cycling in.

5. Repair Supplies

Bring a spare tire, wrench, tubes, and chains in case your cycle goes through a malfunctioning mid-trip. Make sure the weight of these repair tools is evenly balanced on your cycle.

Buy the best lightweight backpack from Light Hiking Gear that offers enough room for all your cycling supplies and trip essentials to make your cycling trips all the more convenient.


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