The Ultimate Guide to Backpack Weight Distribution

There’s a bit of science that goes into buying yourself a hiking backpack. Think of this exercise as optimizing your backpack to unpack in the wild. The backpack must not weigh greater than 20 percent of the total body weight.

What is Backpack Weight Distribution?

The phenomenon is called backpack weight distribution that makes a significant difference to what happens on the trail. This can broadly be discussed in terms of comfort, balance, and stability. What you need is an optimal packing strategy — the internal frame pack must carry the heaviest item at the center (between the shoulder blades), whereas the external frame pack must carry the heavy items on top. This makes it essential to opt for ultralight packs and ultralight hiking gear wherever facilitated — you’ll be surprised to hear how many pounds you can shave off with the UltraLite Packs from Light Hiking Gear.

Increasing Stability

Heavy items situated toward the center are ideal for climbing uphill as they use less energy and increased stability. If you place heavier items on the top, you risk yourself falling backward, whereas placing the heavier items in the center allows the weight to be distributed equally upon the wrist. You want to start by filling the lowest part with lightweight material and move up to medium-weight materials to surround the heavy-weight items to prevent any injuries.

Balancing the Bag

You want to maintain the right balance and a good body posture when moving forth with your backpack. Avoid attaching any hiking gear externally as it may move the weight away from the center. The weight you’re carrying, the more conscious and concerned you should be about weight distribution.

A general rule is to get started by placing the sleeping bag at the bottom, it’s voluminous yet light, and you won’t need it through the day, so it’s only right to keep it out of sight. Divide your backpack into zones and sort the gear into light, medium, and heavy. On the top, you want to keep all the items that you’ll often need throughout the trip. You can always adjust the ratio while you’re hiking to fiddle with the weight placement and its impact on your walk.

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