Tips for Backpacking in the Winter

Just like backpacking in the summer has its challenges, backpacking in winter can also be tricky if you’re not prepared. Always make sure you have the right gear and an emergency plan before you set out. Backpackers in extreme winter also need to be careful not to get frostbite or get lost in places unreachable by rescue teams.

Here are some simple tips for people who plan on backpacking this winter.

Get a Spacious Lightweight Backpack

Packing for a backpacking trip in the winter will be different from usual. You will be taking clothes that weigh a lot, including gloves, woolen hats, a blanket for the night, etc. Therefore, you should have a lightweight backpack so it doesn’t add to the weight. In addition, the bag should also be spacious so you can pack additional things for your trip.

Dress Appropriately

You need to be very careful how you dress for a winter backpacking trip, especially if you're backpacking in snow. Temperatures tend to drop further at night, so it's best to be prepared. Always layer up, starting with your innermost layer, which should be a moisture-wicking material, followed by thick shirts and jackets, etc. For extreme weather, cover your head and wear gloves, and you should be good to go.

A backpacker standing on a rock in snow

Keep Warm Food and Beverages

It's not wise to keep stopping while backpacking in winter because this will just make you feel colder. Carry hot coffee and snacks so you can munch on your way while walking and burning all those calories. Another great tip is to consume food that has the tendency to cause body heat like things containing spices, as these will make you feel warm inside. Another tip is to carry spicy food to create some more body heat.

Get a Tent

For winter backpacking, there are specific kinds of tents that are available, and you should definitely invest in one. These are designed to keep you warm at night. Also, these tents are waterproof because if it rains in the winter, temperaturess go further down, so the tent keeps you from getting soaked.

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