Tips for Backpacking in the Summer

People who love travelling are always up for a backpacking trip. However, while backpacking in the summer can be challenging, it’s not entirely impossible to enjoy a trip reconnecting with nature. If you’re prepared with the right kind of gear and supplies, you can easily backpack through any terrain and enjoy your trip.

Here are some tips for backpacking this summer.

Stay Hydrated

Remember to drink lots of water to avoid getting dehydrated because of the heat. If you're not hydrated enough, you will eventually be dragging yourself through the trip. So try and carry as much water with you as possible and refill your water bottle whenever you get the chance.

It would help if you had a lightweight backpack that is spacious so you can squeeze in big bottles.

Wear Sunscreen and a Hat

The sun's UV rays can be very harmful, so it’s not wise to be outdoors for too long without protection. Therefore, it is best to wear sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt and a hat with a brim that will protect your face from direct sunlight.

Wear Light, Comfortable Clothes

The kind of clothes you wear on a backpacking trip makes a big difference to your journey. Always choose light-colored clothes as they don’t absorb heat. Also, choose something loose and sweat-wicking. Avoid cotton shirts as they retain moisture, and this can cause painful chafing on your chest.

Watch out for Signs of a Heatstroke

If you exert yourself too much while backpacking, it could increase the risk of heatstroke. Be sure to know the warning signs of a heat stroke. If you feel dizzy, have a headache, or are sweating profusely, it's best to sit in the shade for a while and have some cool water. Therefore, do your research before you step into extreme heat and keep a small first aid kit handy.

A backpacker taking a photograph

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